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Organizing Your Argument

This Prezi will teach you the basic of the parts of an argumentative essay

Denia Krone

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Organizing Your Argument

An argument is your opinion or point-of-view on a subject that you are trying to convey across to other people. fig. 1 fig. 2 How to argue like a professional or in better terms.. So where do we b e g i n I believe in the existence of
God, our universe is too complex
and intricate not to have been
designed. God made the universe?
Then who made God? I guess
he made himself huh? Each trying to be portrayed as better than the other Two clashing
essay, naturally HOW TO ORGANIZE AN ARGUMENT Within an
essay, naturally Introduction Body Conclusion Includes restated thesis statement End with Thesis Outline & The meat of the essay What the introduction and title prepared you for Includes all the arguments fleshed out in introduction Title inte lec ual Purpose Statement state Arguments bang a Purpose of title The introduction gives the reader insight to what the essay is written about. It also introduces all the arguments that will be expanded on in the body of the essay Located.... The title of an essay should give the reader some insight about to read, and into what they are catch their attention. The title should be something that will draw the reader in and spark an interest. It is Impo rtant for an e ssa y to be OR NIZED GA Introduction conclusion Title Body Organization is so important in an essay as it gives the audience a better understanding of what you are writing about. If it is easy to read, they will be more likely to grasp the idea. Organization includes the ranking of arguments and your structural and technical presentation (flow, synthesis of ideas, transition ,etc.) Why is organization important? Summary of whole essay l t ug Th ht ng ki ovo pr o So how DO you introduce an argument? I'll introduce my arguments through I'll introduce my argument through Arguments can be introduced through... Experiments citations I'll introduce my arguments through research! statistics various sources Quotations " " Prezi.com. Home page. Prezi inc., 2012. Web. 24 Sep. 2012. One gram of the toxin produced by the skin of the golden poison dart frog could kill 100,000 people Examples! Scenarios Experiences History When i started reading fashion magazines my self esteem dramatically plummeted. Before I was exposed to these perfect women, I felt quite good about my image. Expertise Scholarly resources! point peer review view of The Thesis statement is the essay’s subject? nswers these questions Is the evidence or that will be used to support the main idea? is the main idea that will be discussed about the topic? WHAT The topic sentence is more often than not the first sentence in a paragraph. It acts as a summary, as well as giving the reader an insightful view of the writer's main ideas for the following paragraph. This sentence also unifies the paper, helping to organize ideas within the paragraph and the whole essay Tip Topic sentence Feeling overwhelmed? 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Essay level Paragraph level Thesis statement Body Conclusion Topic sentence Supporting details, explanation, analysis Wrap up sentence(s) imagine that any paragraph is a miniature essay that has its own thesis, support, and conclusion. The parts of a paragraph easily correspond each part in the essay: Lets break it down... (cc) image by jantik on Flickr So, how do we order a body paragraph? Break down information from general to Specific now we have that covered Lets move onto Counter arguments The counter argument is simply an argument opposed to your thesis. It expresses the view of a person who does not agree with your view on the topic. Counter essays allow you to anticipate doubts and any possible But why do we even need a counter argument in our essay ? Its simple. Without a counter argument, your essay will FLOP It portrays you as the type of writer who considers alternatives objections that a skeptical reader might have against your argument . A counter on the topic before arguing for one . A writer who confronts difficulties instead of pushing them off to the side argument shows you are more interested in discovering . the truth than winning a point . On to the writing itself! GO what are the dangers of using rude language in an essay? What you write conveys to your readers what sort of person you are. By using rude language you're putting your self at the risk that you will be conveyed as someone who has a limited intellect and lack of creativity and dexterity with the English language. Therefore, you cannot effectively communicate the same ideas without resorting to language that many find offensive. #%@$#@#*?**$&^ The danger of rude language How can we use researched material in an essay? Reinforce build
interest clarify expand support To conclude Lets learn how to write a conclusion As always, there are things we should avoid when writing our conclusion Present more questions that are not answered rewrite your introduction Add new information State new ideas Do not An argument is basically this.... But translated into text
and formatted
appropriately Parts of an argumentative essay

ALL ANIMATIONS COPIED FROM http://prezi.com/zbnbx0hfjdd6/edit/#261 References "Thesis Statements." Online Writing Lab. Roane State Community College. n.p. Web. 24 Sep 2012 "What is the function of a topic sentence?" WikiAnswers. N.P, n.d. Web. 24 Sep 2012.
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