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Sylvia Plath: The Art of Dying

No description

James Roberts

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Sylvia Plath: The Art of Dying

The Conflict A Bitter Fame? Otto Sylvia 'The other does that...
He wants to be loved' 'The unquestioned
patriarchal head of
the household' The ephemeral father 'A man in black with
a Meinkampf look' •Prodigious



•Suicidal 'An alternation of
hope and fear' •‘now the forces are
gathering still against me’

•‘Doctor, can I still go on
hating my mother?’ •‘a steady blood-related man’

•‘All parents think their children
are wonderful. We know!’ •Auslander

•Family man

•Proud hypochondriac Sylvia Plath:
The Art of
Dying EPQ •‘Such a dark funnel, my father!’

•‘Every woman adores a fascist’

•'A god that was not your
father was a false god' James Roberts Goal:Analysis of Plath's poetry Key themes Role of father Suitability Range of Sources Analysis Interest Potential
Issues Location of Sources Time Originality Result:
How far in Sylvia Plath's poetry
collection 'Ariel' does Plath present
her father as being instrumental in
causing her own ultimate suicide? Reflections Problems
Overcome: Quality of Sources Time Finding an
associate of Plath Aspirations
for Future: Approach to
write-up Time Management Modernity of
Sources •‘Perhaps you consider yourself an
•‘talking about my father? It may be
a minor catharsis but I don’t get
insight talking to myself’ Happy Reading!
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