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Copy of Innocent Drinks Presentation

Msc. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management (IB12) Ithaca team

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Innocent Drinks Presentation

Conception of idea

First vote of confidence
Foundation of the Company
#1 Smoothie Brand in the UK
Innocent Drinks expands into
Introduction of fruit juices in Tetra Pak packaging
Coca-Cola's stake: over 10% of Innocent Drinks

Changed from Tetra Pak to carafe packaging
Coca-Cola acquire over 90% of Innocent Drinks
Vision and Value
Ethical, healthy, fun, friendly and environmentally sustainable business.
'Make it easy for people to do themselves some good
'Net positive effect' to the environment
Innocent clearly prefers to keep its creativity in-house wherever possible but it has outsourced design for some specific projects:

Recipe design


New Future

Initial logo and brand development
Halo Logo
New Kid's line
Bottles design
Packaging Design
• In 2011, Innocent changed their fruit juice packaging
from Tetra Pak packaging to plastic carafes.

• Done to differentiate themselves on retailer aisles

• This led to an increase in revenues by 2,000%.

• Wedge activities in their children product line

• Brings together the product and the consumers
lifestyle together

• Packaging is now 100% recyclable

Bottle Evolution
Initially they targeted young and working professionals
Health conscious individuals that seek better taste and health benefits
Families (larger volume product and kids’ packs).
Kids being a large percentage of end users

Target Consumers
Preferred witnesses (emailed their close friends and relatives)
Update 120,000 subscribers with the company’s newsletter (eCRM)
Packaging design involves interaction with their customers:
Competition to design the new bottle label
Customised bottle label for Valentines Day
Banana phone’ service
AGM (A Grown-up Meeting): consumers feedback
Facebook fan page

Understand consumer requirements

Innocent managed to radically change the way products were packaged within the market
‘Make it easy for people to do themselves some good’
‘Net positive effect’ to the environment
Ethical, healthy, fun, friendly and environmentally sustainable business

...It employs 260 people in Europe, sells its products in 15 countries, and generates revenues of 200m GBP annually

Started with 3 recipes and now have 17 different varieties
Products that are created with 100% pure and ethically source fruit
No added sugar or concentrates
Seasonal recipes to create new experiences
Lemon, Honey & Ginger (Winter 2007)
Peaches & Apricots (Summer 2013)
Introducing ‘Super Smoothies’ in 2014

“Each recipe aligns with the company’s core values and beliefs of being healthy and doing good”
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