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Department of Marketing MKT 3603 Consumer Behavior Presentation

ManMan Cheng

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Canon

Company Background Canon Inc. Japanese multinational corporation Specializes in the manufacture of Business Machines Office Imaging Product
Business Information Products Camera Digital Camera
Digital Video Cameras
Interchangeable Lenses
LCD Projector Optical and Other Product Canon's DSLR 1995
Canon introduced its first DSLR
(Digital Single Lens Reflex)camera 1995-2010
Canon has already introduced 30model DSLR to the market Canon has the largest market share
For 2007, Canon has 41% of worldwide sales
Major competitor: Nikon 40%
Other competitor: Sony, Olympus (each ~6%) Targeted Customers Entry-Level (Typical Consumer) Elementary

Adequate knowledge of compact camera

Cultivating interest in DSLR camera

Look for functional

Price- conscious Advanced Amateur Not professionals

Possess a lot of knowledge of photography

For enjoyment

Seek for quality equipment

Price- conscious Premium User Seek for affordability and quality

Request photographic skills

Probably be part of their jobs Professionals Possess largest budget

Buy the most expensive equipment

Aware of the latest and greatest technology available

The least price- conscious group Targeted Groups’ Needs
Analysis Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Utilitarian Needs
Users of every layer satisfy this need Hedonic needs and Utilitarian needs Hedonic Needs
Users of every layer also reach the needs
A kind of entertainment Consumer Buying Behavior How strong they feel about satisfying their needs
Influence on their involvement with the products Canon DSLR camera Complex Decision Making Evaluate brands
In a detailed and comprehensive manner High involvement on
High- priced products
High performance risks products
Complex products Hierarchy of effect
Belief (Think) Evaluation (Feel) Behavior (Do) Five steps involved Need Arousal Need arises when there is difference between current state and desired state Entry- Level users
Social atmosphere
Peer group influence Advanced amateurs and Premium users
Current Canon models are outdated
Promotions are inducing Customer Information Processing Entry- Level users
Non- directed purchase- specific search Have little prior knowledge
Seek general information E.g. The may ask salespeople for assistances or referent groups for suggestions Advanced amateurs and Premium users
Directed purchase- specific search Have existing knowledge in mind
Know very well about sources of information
Make choices by their own know- how Brand Evaluation Entry- Level users
Hard to adjust and appraise the best model Category- based processing
Rate on overall impressions rather than specific attributes
Focus on generality than specialty Advanced amateurs and Premium users
Have adequate acknowledgment of brands Attribute specific processing
Seek for specific attributes than overall performances Purchase & Post-purchase Evaluation Purchase If customers can achieve the highest level of expected satisfaction from the products, they intend to buy, vice versa Post-purchase Evaluation For typical consumers, we are likely to make evaluation on the product’s performance once we bough Post- purchase dissonance may arise
Repurchase decision to the brand may be affected Brand Loyalty Decision Making Consumers repeat their consumptions on a particular brand with strong commitment

Hierarchy of effect
Belief (Think) Evaluation (Feel) Behavior (Do)

Three steps involved Professionals They…
Are the most experienced group

Have strong commitment to a particular brand like Canon

No need to have information search and brand evaluation

Know what they must do and should do when needs arise

Seldom encounter post- purchase dissonance 4Ps marketing strategy Product Wide range of product lines
EOS 550D entry-level users
EOS 50D, EOS 7D advanced users and professional

Always update the camera features
EOS 500D (2009) EOS 550D (2010)
Advanced full HD movie recording

Offering pick up/ delivery services (fast and convenient) Pickup and delivery service Place Highly accessible
Two showrooms
One care centre
One Canon Pro Solution Hub

Electronic appliance stores

Online store Hung Hom and Tsim Sha Tsui Free same day quick delivery service Promotion Different types of advertisement
TV commercial
Competition and lucky draw annually
Blog writer

Olympics Games, Tennis, Marathon and World Cup capture various remarkable but instantaneous moments Price Pricing strategy
In the past $49,800 ;
with other equipments at least $60,000

Now Dropped from $49,800 to $5,680

PowerShot G11 is costing $4,480

Accessories and equipments are cheaper

Promotional price (camera + photo printer ) Recommendation Trade-in service Value-added service of “trade-in”
Provided to the customers whenever they want to buy a new camera.
Make change of camera more convenient
Pay less
Old camera’s materials can be reused
production cost of will be reduced New channel for promotion- forum Popular and convenient
Photo sharing
Seek for advice
Consultant can provide better and professional advice
Point out the advantages of using Canon
Encourage the users to choose Setting up specialty shop Online stores and electronic stores
Lack specialized information provided
Out of stock Improve the camera quality The list of Top 100 digital camera
Color richness, dynamic range, and noise level
Most important concern : quality Improve the Canon club popularity Variety support
Lack of promotion
Selling point
Promotion on TV and Forum CHAN Tsz Lam 51570807
CHAN Kai Hung 51687837
CHENG Yuen Man 51543448
CHEUNG Ho Lam, Stephanie 51680977
HUI Kam Shui, Nekki 51637569
NG Wing Mun 51592904 Delighting You Always
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