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How to Set Expectations: New Hires

No description

Amanda McWhorter

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of How to Set Expectations: New Hires

Expectations should be set on the new hires first day. Your new hire is not a mind reader. Do not keep them guessing on what is expected of them. The clearer you are at setting expectations and documenting them the more pleased you will be with your new hires performance and your working relationship.
Step 3
First Day
Have your new hire write out what their expectations are of you and the job.
Have them review it with you
Step 2
Step 4
Enjoy your first day with your new hire. Show them around the store, let them check out the Pre-Flight Manual, have lunch with them and let them greet your guests that day.
Have Fun
Both you and the new hire need to sign the list of expectations
This states that you both agree to uphold the exceptions set
Make a copy of the expectation list for yourself and keep in a safe place
Place the original agreement with the new hires manual
Revisit any time you feel the expectations need to be readdressed
Great Expectations
Step 1
Go through each point on the check list
Make sure that the new hire understands and asks any question they might have
Check them off as you go
How To
Follow the 4 steps to setting expectations
with your new hires on their first day.
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