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Stepping Up: Recycling

For EC on new recycling incentive.

Omni Hotels & Resorts

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Stepping Up: Recycling

Foundation Motivation Recycling Ideas:
Wine Corks
Glass Jars
Crayons Food & Beverage Engineering Results Core: Education Stepping Up
Team Recycling at Omni Dallas Stepping Up 2012 Executive Committee & Department Managers * Communicate & Support
- awareness and implement new ideas
* Expectations
- goals
* Top to down
- starts with management Associates Department specific:
* Food & Beverage
* Housekeeping
* Administrative Rooms Administrative:
Events, Finance,
ASC & Sales Glass Jars: Crayons: ... small Current Recycling items:
-Papers -Toner cartridges
-Batteries -Electronic Scrap
-Cardboard -Electronic ballasts
-Soap Bars -Fluorescent lamps New items:
Paint Cans: Will need to be empty, cleaned and air dried.
Aerosol Cans: Will need to be empty and punctured to release all residuals from the can. Why Recycle & Reduce Waste? To SAVE resources To REDUCE costs To IMPROVE customer service Recycling saves valuable reusable resources and reduces the energy use and pollution associated with extracting organic materials Recycling services cost significantly less than waste disposal; restaurants that reuse or reduce more waste can save significant costs. Reusing more materials can also reduce purchasing and handling costs. Recycling demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection. Offering recycling is another way to better serve our guests. Congratulations to the Omni Dallas Hotel for receiving it’s LEED Gold Certification!!! A hotel design that reduces the amount of storm water run-off with a 25,000 gallon cistern to capture water as a means of irrigation instead of city water.

Roof materials that feature solar reflective indexes to help with heat island effects.

Systems for lighting and thermal control include guest room equipped with a key switching sytem.

The interior design for the restaurant, Texas Spice, includes reclaimed timber and brick, etc… What’s In Place Now? The ORCA Green Food Composter turns organic food waste to water in 24 hours. The ORCA manages food waste on site, diverts it from landfills, keeps kitchens cleaner, and creates meaningful cost savings for restaurants. Introducing the
ORCA System Able to reduce up to 2400 pounds of garbage everyday
into a nutrient-rich grey water that can safely be disposed
of through the sanitary sewer system. Promotes sustainability, cost efficiency, and environmental stewardship. No foul odors, no rodents, no insects–sanitary enough to have right in your kitchen. Simple operation, minimal maintenance for example... Review and discuss current recycling and waste reduction plan. Expand on the current plans... if necessary develop and adopt new ones new ones. Research... Our people... A group of associates selected for their ability to show initiative, confidence and desire for excellence in advancing in their career and display of passion for the overall performance at the Omni Dallas Hotel. What's it going to take? It all starts with US! Awareness Team Work Effort Discipline & Commitment the cost of ideas, ex. trash compactors the effects on Medallia (selling ourselves as a "green" hotel but not really being one) Educating Hotel Implementation Introducing:
THE AEROSOLV AEROSOL CAN RECYCLING SYSTEM SIMPLIFIES AEROSOL CAN DISPOSAL The Aerosolv puncturing unit threads directly to the 2” bung of any 30-gallon or 55-gallon drum. Simply place an aerosol can into the Aerosolv unit and lock the safety cap. With a press of the handle, a puncture pin pierces the dome of the can. The puncture pin is non-sparking, one of many safety features you’ll appreciate about the Aerosolv system. 30% Monthly Recycling Reaching the goal! Why people don't recycle? Inconvenience
Benefits awareness Reasons: Ideas: OSC Cards/Recycling winner.
Educational presentations/videos at the associates rally.
Motivational Posters
Ex. Overcome the Barrier!! Purpose Laziness Misinformation Benefits Awareness Inconvenience Barrier Confusion Cork is 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable and SHOULD NOT end up in our landfills!
Can be used to make other products
Recycling process displayed/fits into rustic motif
Great visual tool to educate our guests
Recycle Wine Corks Model:
Aerosolv Aerosol Can Disposal System #7000XL


RWR Recycling & Waste Reduction Laundry
Laundry emphasize in reusing all damage items, for example:
Pillow cases
-All damaged items are donated to different local shelters.
-Equipment: All equipment developed by manufacturer to save water, energy and labor.

"MEAN WHAT YOU SAY AND DO WHAT YOU MEAN!!" Housekeeping on the right track!
LARGEST department we have here!
Get on BOARD!
Implementing Recycling day to day!
Awareness Awareness Awareness!! *Scan and Save *$14,098.00 *The average person uses
seven trees a year in paper *Approximately 1 billion trees
worth of paper are thrown
away every year in the U.S. Why How Why
Glass containers stay in the Hotel and OUT of the trash bin
Reduces the amount of goods and materials circulating in the waste stream, resulting in less hazardous waste overall
Reduces cost in buying new product by reusing glass that would normally be recycled or trashed How Create a bin to collect glass jars
Train staff to separate jars from trash stream
Sanitize glass via boiling/dishwasher
Reuse throughout restaurant/hotel Why More than 12 Million Crayons are made in the US, EVERY DAY!
100 New Crayons equal about 1 pound
12 Million Crayons equals about 120,000 pounds.

That's 60 Tons of Crayons made EVERY DAY with petroleum based wax that eventually ends up in our landfills when they don't have to! How Buy only Crayons that are made in USA
Separate crayons from waist stream
Collect and Ship to CRAYON RECYCLING

16612 Minnetonka Blvd.
Minnetonka, MN 55345 New Green Opportunities Front Desk & Ideal Services
Batch Reports
Registration Cards
IRD Orders
Folios Awareness is key
Goal- Recycle 30% of all recyclable products
Omni Dallas Hotel 14 - 19%
Ultimate goal 50%
Compactors 2 - 3 monthly trips
Goal 3-4
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