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Life in the 1920´s

Life in the 1920´s

Julia Roddar

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Life in the 1920´s

Sports Art The Life in 1920´s Movies Music Fashion Cars Inventions Scopes Trial Prohibition KKK R. Earl Johnson, member of the track and field in Olympics 1920 Lots of inventions in this period of time was based in southern of north America. They were a violent organization that always wear white hooded dresses. They burnt churches of the black population and also murdered and raped. people was wearing hats dresses and a lot of girls had bobbed hair. They looked very sophisticated and mature. involved the teaching of the evolution in schools. They came up with a rule that said that it was prohibited to teach theories about interpretation of human creation. jazz music started and began to form into bands that contained ragtime, black spirituals, blues, and European music. Americans invented new dances and Swing dance was one of them. No alcohol beverages was provided. western movies were very popular, they included the same basic story. The cowboy that threatens the evil people and at the end wins the girl. Sisyphus 1920, Stucks painting was drown from mythology, and he carefully used panels, gilt carving, inscriptions on the frames, that it should be taken as an integral part of the overall piece. He always painted nude women or men. the most cheap car was Ford. Though they had very bad suspension. Almost every american family bought a car at this time.
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