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Solar Energy

A prezi about solar energy and a solar oven experiment

Jonah Spotts

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Solar Energy

Solar ovens are...
What effects do solar ovens have on the enviroment?
Cooking food in the solar oven over time
Ending credits
Director: Jeff Higgins
Co-Director: Tamberlan Referts
Producers: Jonah Spotts, Nash Kemble, and Cole Jones
Co-Producers: Garret Voter, and Frank Russel
Music: The Man By: Aloe Blacc
Solar Oven Designer: Cole Jones
Solar Energy
By Jonah, Nash, and Cole
Solar energy is the radiant heat and the light from the sun producing solar energy. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Also, solar energy doesn’t pollute. The International Energy Agency says that solar energy is the cleanest, safest way to use energy.
So, what is Solar energy?
powered ovens that transform sunlight into heat to cook food. Plus, they also don't cause polution!!!!! Some things cooked in solar ovens are cupcakes, cookies, pizza, cakes, smores, etc.
We think this is because...
regular ovens take heat straight from resources that are limited, but solar oven's energy comes straight from the sun. We think energy from the sun can make food better because the energy is coming directly into the oven from the sun...
We would use a solar oven because it's cheap, and the sun's energy is free.Also, they are easy to make. Plus, there is unlimited resources, unlike a regular oven's sources. Also, it can cook when the power's out.
Facts about the sun
Thanks for watching!

Please comment below!

Our Big Question
Can solar ovens cook pizza
better than a regular oven?

We do think the solar oven can cook pizza better than a regular oven.
I can't wait to see what happened
- The sun is the largest object in the solar system
- Everything in the solar system revolves around the sun
- 1,300,000 earths can fit inside the sun
- The sun is 5,778 thousand degrees farenheit
- the sun seems so close, but if you want to go there, it would take 19 years
Solar ovens are healthy for the environment because you can recycle it, and they prevent pollution. You can recycle it because it is made out of cardboard, tinfoil, and plastic wrap. Lastly, it doesn't give off polluting gasses, like other ovens and cookers do.
10:30 put the pizza outside
Temperature: 75 degrees
12:35 it was cooking great
Temperature: 100 degrees
1:40 it got cloudy and stopped cooking
Temperature: 65 degrees
Our pizza didn't cook. The reason is that the clouds got in the way of the sun.

Why We Think This
12:50: Cheese melting
temperature: 111 degrees
We think this is because
we did not look at the forecast
correctly and cooked on a sunny day that later became a sad, cloudy day. We also think that there were a couple of air holes in our oven. That might of been why our pizza stopped cooking besides the clouds.
The End
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