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Frida Scheps holocaust

No description

Emma d

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Frida Scheps holocaust

Frida Scheps Frida was born in 1936, in Paris, France. When the war started, Frida and her mother were trapped in Paris, and her dad was trapped in Jerusalem. Her mom died in Bergen-Belsen, and her dad reunited with her in Jerusalem in 1947. Frida survived the Holocaust because her mother sent her to the Chateau de Beaujeu. She spent the time there while the war was going on. She was pretending to be a Christian and couldn't tell anyone who she really was. After the war she reunited with her father and lived in many different countries, but finally moved to New York. She eventually died of old age. Her mom sent her to Chateau de Beaujeu, a Christian boarding school in Paris, France. She spent a long time there, then lived in "Jewish homes" for a couple years. After the war ended, she met up with her dad in Jerusalem and lived with him. "Frida was a young Jewish French girl. Her whole life she grew up around Jews and the French people but none of the French people knew she was Jewish." I admire Frida Scheps because she went through many difficult things at the boarding school, like having to hide her real religion. Even though she wanted to be baptized, she wanted to keep her mothers wish for her to stay with their Jewish background. Sources


http://www.chateau-de-beaujeu.com "Although the Germans and their collaborators murdered six million European Jews, including one and a half million children, most of France's Jewish community survived. Frida was never caught by the Germans thanks to the nuns at Chateau de Beaujeu."
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