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Big Data and Initcron

How Initcron could help you build your Big Data Infrastructure

Gourav Shah

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Big Data and Initcron

Big Data and Initcron How Initcron could help
you build your Big Data
Infrastructure Structured Data Unstructured Data Analytics insights Competitive Advantage For Introduction to Big Data, check out our prezi on the topic at http://www.initcron.com/technology-solutions/big-data-ops/ Well, I know enough about Big Data
now, and I want to build my own
Big Data Solution . How do I get started ? Here is what you need to
get started with Big Data Infrastructure Tools and Technology Resources aws cloud elastic map reduce ec2 dynamo Hadoop MapReduce Hbase Zookeeper Cassandra Hive Mahout Pig Kafka Dev DevOps Data Scientists
Algorithm Engineers
QA Devops Practices Initcron is a Devops Consulting
and System Integrator Firm Cloud Computing Confuguration Management, Automation, Provisioning, Orchestration Systems and Applications Monitoring Benchmarking Continuous Delivery,
Continuous Integration Support Opscode Chef Sensu, Zenoss,
Ganglia, Graphite TestHDFsio Jenkins Systems Administration Optimization Initcron helps you ... deploy, configure,
automate and optimze build... with use of the best in... why Initcron? Initcron is a Standard Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services Initcron is a Member of Cloudera Connect Initcron has expertise in Cloud Computing, Devops, Chef, NoSQL, Large Scale Systems, Monitoring etc... Case Studies Using combination of Chef, CloudFormation and Bash, built a big data provisioning, orchestration system with interdependent nodes. Created chef cookbooks to
install and configure big data
applications including hadoop, hbase, zookeeper,
kafka, oozie solr cloud etc. Cost Optimzed Big Data
Cluster on EC2 using Spot
Instanced with Auto Scaling for Map Reduce Nodes setup monitoring, performance analysis tools such as Ganglia, Graphite, Zabbix, Zenoss,
Sensu Benchamarked Cassandra Peformance on ec2, benchmarked hadoop hdfs io on ec2 with various filesystems. Thank You Gourav Shah
Founder and Principal Consultant,
Initcron | www.initcron.com Big Data Analytics is an art of analyzing large sets of rapidly growing structured and unstructured data to gain insights, and convert it into competitive advantage. Big Data
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