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Weapons of WW1

A prezi about the new technologies of WW1.

Isaiah J

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Weapons of WW1

Weapons of
WW1 By Isaiah J. Tank -Named after disguise as water tanks to Russia
-First tank named Little Willie
-First ones broke down easily
-British invention
-Debut in Battle of Somme Gatling Gun -Named after Richard Gatling
-Trenches used to protect from gatling gun fire
-US invention Military Airplane -US invention
-Made in 1914
-First used for recon and scouting
-US Sopwith Camels best military plane in WW1
-First air casualties were suicidal
-Both sides used planes Aces -All countries used aces
-Need to have shot down at least 5 planes
-The Red Baron was Germany's best ace, shot down 80 enemy planes Poison gas -Many casualties due to poison gas
-Mustard gas deadliest, named after mustard smell
-Used to kill prisoners in concentration camps
-Masks designed to protect against gas warfare
-German invention Long range guns -German invention
-First one named 'Big Bertha'
-Shot shells as long as 9 miles
-Shot explosives
-Land to land Resources Everyday Life: WW1 by Walter A. Hazen
Chapter 4, New Methods of Warfare
c. 2006
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