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Warped Tour


Amber Elaine

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Warped Tour

By: Amber
The Admitted Favorite Reasons I should go to Vans Warped Tour 2013 Bands are just AMAZING. They also have great hair. Warped Tour is a great place for lovely people to come together and enjoy the fact that our music is far more better than most pop and mainstream music. Music Is Just Perfect. This is Chelsea. Your trustworthy adult daughter that has agreed to provide her wisdom and adulthood and care for me while we roam the Warped Tour grounds. Are you gonna tell me you don't trust your own children? Does this mean you did not raise us properly? Obviously if you did what you thought would make us good children then we must be good children. Ain't she purdy too? This is Alex Gaskarth! He sings for All Time Low. He lost his brother to suicide so now he has dedicated his life to making sure his fans don't do the same. A lot of people pinky promise him about this. It's quite lovely. Band Members Save Lives and Help People! Isn't That Fab?
Those are just some of the few wise words of band members. Which would you rather me be out doing?
I think we both know the answer. You say I don't know what to expect. Do you know how many concert/warped videos I've seen? Many. I know mosh pits get rough that's why I'm going to stay away from them. Plus I don't even listen to bands that have huge mosh pits. Ain't dey purdy? This one is me.
If I went to Warped. This one is bad children that don't go to Warped. Is this what you imagine? Cause I promise we will come back fully limbed. Guess what I'll do if I can't go? THIS. Sophia can't go to the concert Victoria and I are going to in April, but she's going to Warped Tour so I need to be there for my best friend to see her favorite bands also for the first time. This will be Sophia if I can't be with her in her time of fangirling. Look at Cody! He's from Set It Off. I can go see them because they aren't rock they're pop punk and pop punk bands don't have mosh pits because their music is in no way hardcore. Look at him being all cute and patriotic! Think of this as your birthday present. An Amber and Chelsea free day? It'll be like paradise! YOU =
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