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Talking about volcanoes

Aston Evans

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Volcanoes

By: Aston Evans, Justin.T and Nicholas Marte
Picture of Volcanoes
Encyclopedia Britannica,
google search,
How volcanoes form?
Today we're going to be talking about how volcanoes form,how it affects people's life, how it erupts. We will also be discucing camparing and contrating volcanoes and sinkholes form.

So start thinking of what you know aboout volcanoes.
How do volcanoes look?
This is our group's opinion.We think that volcanoes are big and they let out a lot of lava which is awesome and really bad at the same time. I also think this very destructive and that really is bad.Volcanoes look outstandingly big.
A volcano forms when a tectonic plate sinks down in to the mantle (senator of the earth) and it gets extrimily hot that the rock terns into molten rock and then
this molten rock sips up threw cracks to the fais of the earth, now the magma dries forming layers and layers of dried magma and then forms a volcano this proceses acording to google it tacks abut 100,000,000 years to form.
Thanks for watching our presentation.
How it affects aur lives
Volcanoes have magma. Volcanoes have a opening.Volcanoes have to develop stuff so it can be volcano, like...Volcanoes need to have some sort've kind hot magma.Also, they to have to tectonic plates going up together leaving a little sprout hole the magma can come up.
They don't have magma.Mountain have a sharp point on the top. Some people if they work together they can actually build a mountain unlike with volcanoes you can build on it just forms it selves.But, sometimes mountains by themselves.
we used some images
Their both mountains.In both of them you could play a sport,
sliding down the volcano or mountain
and fling down the mountain,volcano. put volcanoes and mountains can
have snow on them.
A volcano is a killing motion when it erupts its 700c and 1300 degrees Celsius .Magma burns and destroys for instant people's houses sand destroys amazing lands to grow crops in, and its enormous black cloud of carpool crops people's fields and logs.So in conclusion, volcanoes can affect your lives in a very harsh way.
What sport can we play?
First to start you of one sport that you could play
is volcano running, the next one is volcano diving,
volcano surfing and our prediction volcano swimming.
Volcano diving is where you use a special suit and fly! It like when you go skydiving except, you go skydiving in somewhere dangerous.The next one is you use a wooden board and go down the volcano.The lava inside the volcanoes turns into water so then you can just swim in it like if it is a swimming pool.
Before we go to compare & contrast about volcanoes and mountains what are some differences you know?
Why should we study this land form
We should study this land form is because we can be prepared for when a volcanic eruption happens.Then your family can come up with an escape plan to leave home and find a new one.You don't need to but then you can stay buried alive under lava.Whch is outstandingly hot then your body would look like this.
Before we go any questions or comments?
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