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The Face on the Milk Carton

No description

Fiona Maselunas

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of The Face on the Milk Carton

The Face on The
Milk Carton Caroline B. Cooney Project By: Fiona Maselunas Main Characters Janie Johnson Reeve Shields Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Sarah-Charlotte (Protagonist) Minor Characters Hannah (Antagonist) Janie Johnson lived a normal teenage life. She got good grades, hung out with her friends, and had kind loving parents, anything you would expect of most teenagers.

One day during lunch at school, Janie and her best friend Sarah-Charlotte went up to the lunch line to buy milk for their lunch. Janie turned over the carton to see a missing child. As Janie studied the young girl she was shocked to see her own face looking back at her. Janie's mind was racing with confusion. It can't be me she thought, did my parents kidnap me? When Janie gets home she immediately runs to her room to look at the milk carton again. The girl's name is Jennie Spring, she went missing about 12 years ago in New Jersey, she has red hair and brown eyes, and her birthday was the same as Janie's. This wasn't just a coincidence, something happened on that day 12 years ago and Janie wanted to figure it out.

The next few days Janie acts very strange around her parents. She doesn't know what to do! She can't see her sweet, but strict mother, and easy going father, kidnapping her from a shopping mall in New Jersey. Honestly Janie doesn't know what to think, or do, so she just stays quiet keeping to herself. While Janie is dealing with the milk carton and all of its mysteries. She finds herself becoming attracted to her next door neighbor and long time friend Reeve. They have been talking more and more, until finally one day they were having a pretty deep conversation when Reeve pulled her into a pile of leaves and kissed her. A couple weeks later when both of Janie's parents are out of the house she goes up into the attic to see if their is any clues leading her to the little girl on the milk carton. After scanning through old clothing and toy boxes she stumbles across an old chest. After opening it she finds pictures, school papers, and trophies all addressed to a girl named Hannah, and in the back of that trunk was a dress. A polka dot dress, the very dress that Jennie Spring was wearing in the picture on the back of the milk carton. This tears Janie apart! She can't deal with all the mysteries anymore. She waits for her parents to get home to ask them about Hannah. Her parents explained to her how Hannah was their daughter, and when she was 18, she ran away to be in a cult. Then one day she showed up a their door step with a three
year-old girl claiming it was her daughter. So they decided to keep Janie as their own, since Hannah didn't want anything to with her. That was the end of the story, but Janie didn't except it as the full truth. The day after her parents tell her about Hannah, Janie is going crazy, and having flashbacks of her "old life" in New Jersey. That morning Reeve Picks her up for school and the first thing Janie says when she gets in the car is "Wanna go to New Jersey?" Reeve, taken by surprise says sure and they were off.

During the car ride from Connecticut to New Jersey, Janie tells Reeve everything! The milk carton, the dress, and Hannah. When they get to New Jersey Janie looks up the last name Spring in a phone book, and there it was. So Janie and Reeve drove to the address for the Springs. When the arrived Janie didn't know what to do, because if she got out and rang that doorbell, all of this mess would come crashing down underneath her. So she sat their for a minute, and then she knew she wasn't ready to meet them, she just wasn't ready yet. After the trip to New Jersey Janie starts to fall apart. She doesn't know if her parents are telling her the truth, she gets into a fight with Reeve because he told his sister Lizzie about Janie's situation, and even though she's a lawyer that really upset Janie. She feels lonely and betrayed by everyone she cares about. After days of keeping to herself Janie calls Reeve to ask if Lizzie can come over and help explain the whole situation to her parents. So Lizzie and Reeve came over and told Janie's Parents everything. What they think happened is Hannah kidnapped Janie from that shopping mall, and brought her to her parents as a gift to say sorry I'm a screw-up daughter, here now you can start over. The Johnsons were shocked to hear this news, but also relieved to know the whole truth,
but Mrs. Johnson decided what they had to do.
They had to tell the Springs, everything.
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