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Hero's Journey

No description

Morgan B

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey

*Refuses to take journey because of fears
*Hero says, "Hold the Phone."
*You don't know what's ahead

Hunger Games-when she leaves District 12
Spiderman-Wished he stopped the man that
killed Uncle Ben
Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start The Hero in the ordinary world Faces tests, encounters, allies, and confronts enemies. Sidekick may join and the Hero finds who can be trusted and who can't. End when Hero looses hope.

Dorthy-scarecrow, lion, tinman
Batman-robin hood The road back home
The Return The Twelve stages in a hero's Journey By: Morgan Brown Call to adventure Refusal to the call
Tests, Allies, & Enemies Must recommit to complete journey and takes road back. May be difficult to return and some of the chasing comes at this point.

Katniss-pissed off President Snow

Moment when the story takes off and the adventure gets going. Entering something where journey starts. (no turning back)

Harry Potter-going to Hogwarts
Dorthy-setting out on the yellow brick road The Reward (seizing the sword) The 3 phases:
1. Departure
Characteristics of a hero:
*The hero is usually a male
*The hero is ofter times is of lowly birth,but may secretly have special powers or a high birthrate he is unaware of.
*The hero's parents are often dead, absent, or uncaring.
*A hero is judged by the things he does and the way he reacts and relates to his people.
Eventually the hero travels to a special world and returns to the ordinary world as part of the journey. We are introduced to the hero and given details of the setting in his/ her world. *Put on notice, world will change
*Sent by someone else
*Sets te story rolling
*World is rocked Meeting the Mentor Relationship between the Mentor and the Hero represents that of a parent/child or student/teacher

Peter Parker-Uncle Ben
Finding Nemo-Dory Crossing the Threshold Approach the inmost cave Inmost cave is the place the hero fears the most to go. Climax of the story. May have romantic or supreme danger. Physically, psychologically, or ofter both. Gain a treasure.

Spiderman-final battle (green goblen, sandman, etc
Hunger Games-on top of the Cornucopia
The supreme Ordeal
The life of death crises. Critical part of the story and many die but be re-born. Also climax of the story. Waiting for a victory. difficult challenge. Moment in story for a do or die.

Hunger Games-Katniss thought of killing Peeta The hero has survived the death and overcome greatest fear, slain dragon, and now earns the reward. Previous steps serve to prepare for this step. Reward isn't just personal it helps everyone.

Katniss-winning the Hunger Games, returning home
Peter Parker-Jane The Resurrection Hero is transformed from lessons and insights gained from the characters along the road. Allies may come to help. Use lessons learned in a good way.

Spiderman-learns to use powers for good
Katniss-gets to go home to family and Gale, put herself together Comes back to home but brings back a treasure, lesson, or story. Sometimes has to repeat adventure till hero gets the treasure. Doesn't have to be a happy ending as long as it has a lesson.

Examples: Katniss-rich for her and her family and Gale's family Examples:
Hunger Games-katniss
takes care of family
since parents aren't
Hunger Games-Prim's name is pulled
Spiderman- Uncle Ben is killed
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