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BRC Goal Settings 2010


William Coll

on 21 January 2010

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Transcript of BRC Goal Settings 2010

BRC Goal Settings 2010 2010 Goal Setting Agenda
Global Sales Goals
BRC Goals
Job Title Goals
Timeline Global Sales Goals
"Bring a Sales Culture to Life"
Cultural Changes for Growth: priority accounts
Growth Councils
Talent: development, compensation, training & development
Process and Productivity Business Resource Center Goals
Talent Development
Process and Productivity
Quality and Efficiency
Increase BRC Vision and Impact Job Title Goals
Graphic Designers
Project Leads
Production Assistants Graphic Designer Criteria
1. Large graphic projects ( handling the large, complex projects)
2. Workload (what workload is carried)
3. Versatility (skill sets allow them to work on all types of graphic projects)
4. Productivity (make productive use of time)
5. Billable productivity (is time dedicated to our clients)
6. Quality (quality standards maintained)
7. Leadership evidence (contribute to creative brief discussions, provide solutions, keep work plans) Project Lead Criteria
1. Large (complex or high profile) proposals (share of the large proposals)
2. Assist time (helping others on the team)
3. Productivity (make productive use of their time)
4. Billable productivity (is time dedicated to our clients)
5. Quality (quality standards maintained)
6. Leadership evidence (exhibit leadership—lead classes, provide solutions, contribute on kick-off calls, provide solutions, keep work plans) Coordinator Criteria
1. Number of projects (workload carried)
2. Assist time (helping others on the team)
3. Productivity (make productive use of time; work plans)
4. Billable productivity (time dedicated to our clients)
5. Most RFPs/proposals (share of proposals in addition to minor projects)
6. Quality (quality standards maintained) Proofreader/Copywriter Criteria
1. Productivity (make productive use of time)
2. Billable productivity (time dedicated to our clients)
3. Quality (quality standards maintained)
4. Copywriting Time (utilizing copywriting skills in addition to proofing)
5. SANT and template work (SANT and templates kept current and effective)
6. Assist time (share of workload) Production Assistant Criteria
1. Productivity (make productive use of time)
2. Quality (quality standards maintained)
3. Total Time (share of the workload)
4. Prioritization (effectively evaluate capacity and facilitate shifting projects to meet deadlines)
5. Accuracy (accurately account for finishing time and materials needed for all production requests)
6. Equipment (mastery level of all equipment, recommend needing new equipment, find efficiency solutions) Objectives
ARAMARK Leadership Competencies
BRC Selection of Competencies
BRC FY2010 Goals
Next Steps
What's In It For Me?
Clearer expectations of performance
Job development to add value to your role and ARAMARK
Encourages engagement between managers and employees
Track and affect progress—determine and impact the level of success
No surprises at end of year review
Reward and recognition of high performers SMART Goals
Time Bound
SMART Goals?
Develop a communication plan for Healthcare.
Increase Gallup Engagement Results by the next survey.
Roll out “Cool Café” to every K-12 account by June 2010.
Increase Customer Feedback Survey results in the BRC by March 2010.
Attend leadership training. 2010 Goal Setting Agenda Global Sales Goals Business Resource Center Goals Job Title Goals Graphic Designer Criteria Project Lead Criteria Coordinator Criteria Proofreader/Copywriter Criteria Production Assistant Criteria SMART Goals
Time Bound

Business Acumen
In-depth knowledge and awareness of ARAMARK’s business and the broader market picture. Able to use insight to consistently identify the best course of action. Customer Client Insight
Ability to anticipate needs of customers and clients. Responds with solutions that target those needs with an end result of delighting customers/clients. Building Performance Based Relationships
Capacity to build, maintain and maximize relationships to further the business of ARAMARK on an ongoing basis. Organizational Collaboration Ability to work cooperatively within one’s immediate team as well as with teams across the organization to best serve client needs and exceed expectations. Disciplined Execution Activities towards a course of action that ensures client/customer needs are met with a high standard of excellence. Accountability for Excellence Holding oneself and others accountable to clear standards of excellence.
Business Goals: Based on Position
Strength Goal: SMART Goal
Growth Goal: SMART Goal
Competancy Goal: SMART Goal BRC Competency Selection ARAMARK Leadership Competency Clusters BRC 2010 Fiscal Goals Next Steps Week of February 15, 2010
Managers conduct Business Goals Meetings
February 24, 2010
Proposed 2010 Goals due to Managers
Week of March 1, 2010
Invidual meetings held by Managers to
discuss and approve 2010 goals Mid April: Managers conduct mid-year reviews November: Year end reviews ???
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