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The boy who saved baseball

No description

mike campbell

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The boy who saved baseball

Plot continued
Tom Gallagher
Doc Althheimer
Cruz de-la Cruz
Dante del-gato
Hollis B
Mr. Jones
Mr./Mrs. gallegher
The theme of this book is to always look inside and see what you can do, just because someone may be better than you, dosen't mean they are the right person.
Dillontown, California
near the mexican border
Modern day time
lucky strike park
The conflict is tom and his baseball team has to win a baseball game in order to keep their field from being sold. The only problem is they are one player short of a team.
The falling action is when they win the game.
Written by John H. Ritter
The boy who saved baseball
The rising action is when Cruz de la Cruz says he will play on the baseball team making it fair. Also when Cruz and Tom go to see Dante del Gato to see if he wil coach their tem.
The climax is when Cruz de la Cruz doesn't show up to play. Also when tom has to hit the game winning hit to keep the baseball park.
The resolution is when doc Altenheimer dies and gives his land to Tom, and by doing that saves the baseball park.
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