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The Maori People

Ranveig, Sofie og Perline

Ranveig Jøsendal

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of The Maori People

History Taiwan

Society Islands
Cook Islands

Abel Tasman (1642)
James Cook (1769)

British Colony - Treaty of Waitangi (1840) Indigenous people
New Zealand/Aoteoroa
Developed a unique culture
know as Mãori
-A rich mythology
-Distinctive crafts
-Performing arts
Warrior culture and tribal wars
Population --> 750 000
-New Zealand --> 620 000
-Australia --> 126 000 The Mãori People
of New Zealand Introduction
Traditions Culture and Traditions Warfare
growing population -
resources, land, mana - systems
to conserve resources
slaves who disobeyed, enimies
origin in Polynesian customs and
believes, pacific ocean
tapu - holy
noa - blessing
mana - force/ quality
waiura - spirit The Mãori Language Ngaa Rauuira The Mãori Language
Ngaa Rauuira
Situation Today Introduction Situation Today Sources http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/culture/maori-language-week/history-of-the-maori-language
http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~jar/TIL_16.html Treaty of Waitangi
-Queen Victoria & various chiefs
-New Zealand --> British Empire
-British laws and government
-Still discussed Introduction The Mãori Language Alphabet-20 letters
Two dialect groups
-North Island dialects
-South Island dialects
-Variation of vocabulary
Easily understood The Mãori Language Ups and downs
19th century - Predominant language
English speakers - increasingly confined
Mid 20th century - dying out
Second language
(According to Statistics New Zealand 2006 Census)
Conversation about everyday things in te reo:
131 613 of Mãori
1/4 aged 15-64
1/2 aged 65+
1/6 aged -15 Kia ora!
Te Reo
One of the official laguages
-English & the N.Z. sign laguage
Mãori Language Act
-piece of legislation
Mãori Language Commission
-promote Kapa Haka Have the Mãori's managed to keep
their traditions and language? Culture and traditions
active in all spheres of N.Z society
Recovery in the last century
- more integrated
Kapa Haka (20Th - overseas and Poi (countries)
followers: Mormons
/Christians. Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, small group of muslims The Maori Language
official language 1985
recent years, introduction to schools - refreshed
Preschool, primary, secondary
750 000 - 130 000
1945 - Migration - mother tongue
60% was under 20 - now 20% Performing arts
Kapa Haka - traditional dance genre "Kapa" "Haka"
Haka - war cry/ dance challenge
Poi - performance and equipment
Waiata-ã-ringa - songs
Ta moko
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