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Corrosiveness of Soda on Teeth

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Chastidie Sims

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Corrosiveness of Soda on Teeth

Corrosiveness of Soda on Teeth
Topic of Investigation
With this experiment I am trying to test the corrosiveness of soda on teeth enamel. Can soda corrode your teeth? If so, what color of soda does the most damage?
From the research of corrosion on teeth from drinking sodas, I believe that yes, soda will corrode your teeth, and the darker soda will corrode even more.

I am using tarnished pennies as the teeth. We will be seeing if Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Cranberry Sierra Mist, or Orange Fanta removes the tarnish more off the pennies.
Day 1: Initial Set up
Independent Variable:
Different Sodas

Dependent Variable
: Amount of corrosion on the pennies (teeth enamel)

Control Groups
: The cup with distilled water and the penny

Experimental Group:
The cups with the different sodas and the pennies

Day 2
Day 5
Orange Fanta
Cranberry Sierra Mist
Dr. Pepper
Day 7: Final Day
After the research and conducting the experiment, it is shown that soda does corrode the teeth you have. By the tarnish being removed form the pennies, it showed that all removed at least a little, but the Dr. Pepper removed the most. Therefore, my hypothesis is supported with the information and observations given. If you just have to drink soda, make it a lighter colored one. That way your teeth won't be AS affected.
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