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Strategic Planning

No description

Rebecca Mastroianni

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan

Organizational Structure
How does Beacon Hill plan for succession and growth?
Opportunities and Considerations
How does Beacon Hill grow at a strategic pace and maintain culture?
How do we Measure the SUCCESS of
Beacon Hill?

Conclusion and Next Steps
Scope of Service
Evaluation of current services to clients

Additional products/ services
15c Analysis
Adviser Offerings
Active Distribution
Intermediary Oversight

Organizational Structure
Talent Retention & Acquisition

Succession Planning

Employee Incentives
Next Steps
15c Analysis
Tax preparation
Expansion of Services and Products 2014
Chief Compliance Officer for IA
Broker Dealer:
Private Placement Agent, Solicitation Agent Support and distribution support
Active Business Management:
Managing costs/ expenses through unitary fee, service provider oversight
Additional Series Trusts:

Services NOT To Provide
Low Margin Services:
Transfer Agent and Fund Accounting

Stand Alone Distribution

Opportunities for Growth
"Lift Out" of a small business
Develop and leverage strategic partnerships (e.g. Carne, back office providers)
Enhance marketing efforts
Cross-selling to existing clients
Effective Pricing model (bps, escalators, CPI)
Develop and Enhance
Internal Committees
Product Committee
: A new group in which all ideas/ products would be vetted internally

Succession Planning Committee
: A new group to plan for employee retirement and personnel changes

Pricing Committee
: Current committee to revisit pricing models and standards.
BHFS Employee Ownership
Consideration of partial or possible employee ownership over time.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Service Evaluation
Beacon Hill is...
1. Small and Nimble
2. Efficient and Effective
3. Dynamic
4. Strategic
5. Caring
6. Custom Provider
Employee Feedback
Executive Summary
“There are two ways to extend a business.
Take inventory of what you’re good at and
extend out from your skills. Or determine
what your customers need and work backward, even if it requires learning new skills.”
-Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
Define Action Plan

Form Internal Committees
"Define business management and governance"

"Create strong partnerships with our clients"

"Continue to grow!"

"Maintain culture and be a fun place to work"

New Service Offerings?
Business Management
Underwriting and Distribution
Intermediary Oversight
Strategic Distribution
Non-registered products
Regulatory missteps
Resource gaps
Unmanageable growth
Succession planning
Internal Resources
4 employees, or 25% of Beacon Hill, to retire within 5 years
Additional 3 employees within 5-10 years
Need for succession planning
Plan for strategic leadership and sales function
Small company risk
Outward impact on clients

Reporting Structure
Consideration of "flat" structure
Use of Interns (Summer 2015)
Hiring of junior associates
Interest of employees to train others
Cross functional development
Employee Incentives
Bonus Pool
Stock Grants
Equity Ownership
Quality of life (work from home)
How does Beacon Hill obtain and retain top talent for future growth?
Is Beacon Hill providing the "right" services today?
What services fit outside of our scope?
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