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Consumer Fitness Project: Market Portfolio

Promote and sell a health technology product for my clients.

James Cyrius

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Consumer Fitness Project: Market Portfolio

Consumer Fitness Project:
Market Portfolio The Product The
End The health related technology product that is to be marketed is a cellphone application that assist the user to perform a reliable, daily workout regime that includes exercises, dietary choices,and resting periods. The intended targeted audience is anyone with any smartphone, that is capable of downloading applications(apps). Reasons to why the targeted audience needs this product is due to the fact that everyone needs to shed a few pounds and be more active in their everyday life. Magazine and online advertisements will be used to attract the attention of the audience. The Target Audience Dear Apple,
My name is James Cyrius, inventor and CEO of the Home Coach application. My invention is to be used to help users stay active, healthy, and energized everyday. My marketing idea is through the use of advertising on magazines and online. I ask for your assistance, as you are one of the biggest companies in the world, to help with the marketing an advertising of my product. Together we could help every smartphone user become a little more healthy and active.
James Cyrius Business Letter to Client At the cost of only $9.99, you would have purchased the Home Coach, plus a 30-day access to your customized coach. After 30 days, you would need to pay $1.99 to have access to your coach for another 30 days. Your coach is customizable based on your daily activities, health, and schedule. Your special coach will give you a special regime (just for you) that includes a workout log, dietary choices, and resting periods. Since many citizens use a large amount of time using their smartphones for applications, why not have your Home Coach with you? Purchase the Home Coach application today! Promotion James Cyrius James Cyrius Advertisement Do you have a smartphone? Then the Home Coach app is just for you! This app lets you create your very own, personalized coach that assists you with your workouts and dietary choices based on your own daily schedule. Purchase it today in your app store.
"I work long hours. So I don't have the time to actually work out. But with the Home Coach, I'm able to have a great schedule to workout that coincides with my regular activities"
-Mike, 35 Before After
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