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The Elizabethan Era - Fashion

No description

Abhijeet Shelat

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of The Elizabethan Era - Fashion

-Breeches (puffy and slashed pants)
-Extremely broad shoes
-Expensive material (silk, satin etc..)
-Kings and Queens wore more extravagant clothing
-Poor people had similar clothing, less expensive
Everything was hand tailored
Women wore thick and long dresses
"Nobody cared to look well fed"
- Charlotte Sewell, 16, Clothes In History
The Elizabethan Era - Fashion
Keven Panchal
How fashion separated the classes
- quality and look of someone's costume defined their wealthiness
- fabric used & dyes were big factors
- jewels and other accessories were important as well

Fashion compared between the classes
Shakespeare after fame
Out Shopping for the Perfect Dress
Shakespeare has just been tasked with finding the perfect dress for his soon to be wife, Anne Hathaway. With the even harder challenges in fashion for women, let's take a look at what made the perfect dress in the 16th century.
The Perfect Dress
- Religious status caused him to have a limit towards the luxuries he could receive
- Have a completely different design and material on sleeves compared to rest of dress
- Very narrow bodice
- Small intricate hoods on back
- Italian is everything
- Whale bone corsets
- Cone bottoms
- Warm, autumn colours were very in during the sixteenth century
- Minimal volume in dress (not as thick)
- Low stand up collar called Medici
- Low cut and close fitting bodices
- Separate bodice and skirt pieces
- Antique style, beige coloured shoes
- No socks
- Hair in large, binds on the back
- Held together by wires

Today's Fashion vs. Elizabethan Era Fashion
Today's fashion is very different then the Elizabethan era's fashion. People today wear tight fitting clothing and a lot more revealing. Today's clothes are not that special because they are mass produced in giant factories. People can go to a store and pick out a size and buy it. Also everybody could dress the same way if they wanted to. Back in the Elizabethan people didn't care to look fat. They had elaborate materials and everything was hand made. Different classes of people wore different types of clothing as explained before. Everything back then was just a little bit more royal.
What they wore, and what we wear
Elizabethan Era
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Fashion compared between the classes
Shakespeare before fame
Sparsh Kohli
Abhijeet Shelat

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Queen Elizabeth I
Henry VIII
Today's Era
-T-shirts, and shirts
-Pants and shorts
-Narrow shoes
-Non-expensive material (cotton, sometimes plastic)
-Everything is mass produced in factories
-Everything is a lot cheaper then it was in the Elizabethan Era
-Today clothes are usually a lot trashier (Miley Cyrus etc..) then they were in the past
-People had class back then
Huzaifa Khan
Abhijeet Shelat, Sparsh Kohli, Keven Panchal, Huzaifa Khan
“Only at the end of the century did some return to the heavy stuffs, large, bold patterns and too much decoration again create an atmosphere of formal grandeur.” Margot Lister, 153,
Costume; an illustrated survey from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century
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