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Cell Biology and Genetics 2011

No description

Ashley England

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Cell Biology and Genetics 2011

How do I find an article? What is a Research Article? Search Tips: A person or group's original research Long and hard to pronouce title
Discussion & Conclusion 1. Search for journal in catalogue
2. Open online journal
3. Type in topic
4. Limit to 2008 HELP!! I've found an article... But I don't understand a single word in it Dictionaries Textbook Books (Including Bonus and Online Books) Review articles What do you mean Referencing? Designing the Poster Winner Takes it all... the way to UTS Library Clark, K., Middelbeek, J. & van Leeuwen, F.N. 2008, 'Interplay between TRP channels and the cytoskeleton in health and disease', European journal of cell biology, vol. 87, no. 8-9, pp. 631-40. We mean this: Study Guide is Easy!! "Find related articles" 1. Catalogue: journal title search OR eJournals List

2. Log into database (uts webmail)

3. Enter search terms

4. Narrow results by Year

5. Download research papers 1. Choose a topic
Assignment Overview: 3. Choose one of the articles to focus on
2. Find 5-6 Research Articles on that topic 4. Find other academic literature to support and explain the journal article 2009 11 Journals Read them Cell Biology and Genetics: Your poster assignment made easy try a phrase search
"..." - loose phrase
{...} - exact phrase
Refine by year Highwire press Science Direct Go to Advanced search
Refine by year
phrase search button ProQuest Phrase search "..."
Refine by date range 2009-2009 Referencing style: Harvard UTS Read them
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