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Immune System

This is the immune system and its defenses

Emily Woods

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Immune System

By Emily Woods Immune System First Line Of Defense
(Non- specific response) *Skin (blocks pathogens)
*Sweat (eats with enzymes)
*Mucous membranes (eats the pathogen)
*Tears (they are antibacterial) Second Line Of Defense (Non-specific response) *Phagosytes (eat and destroy)
*Macrophage (phagotize about everything)
*Inflammation (so wound can repair, swelling occurs and redness)
*Neutrophils (phagotize bacteria)
*Eosinphils (secret enyzmes that kill parasitic worms)
*Basophils (digest different microorganisms, used in allergic response)
*Mast cells (carries histamine and seratonin, causes blood vessels to construct by wound)
*Chemokines (attract neutrophils and eosinphils to site)
*Fever (increases body temperature)

Third Line Of Defense
(Specific Responses) How it works Sources http://www.uic.edu/classes/bios/bios100/lecturesf04am/lect23.htm * Macrophages (inform T-cells if antigen is present)
*Helper T-cells (produce large numbers of effector and memory cells)
*Cytotoxic T-cells (t lymphocytes that kill body cells and tumor cells)
*B-cells (produce anti-bodies)
*Lymphocytes (recognize self cells)
*Effector cells (destory foreign cells)
*Memory cells (can trigger rapid mitosis if comes across pathogen)

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