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Texting While Driving

No description

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Texting While Driving

Texting And Driving
2.Situation analysis
3.Target audience
4.Behaviers and Objectives
5. Identify barriers
Raise awareness
Inform of dangers
Prevent injury
Create Safer driving habits
cannot force or physically stop anyone from using their mobile phone while driving
can only inform them of the penalties and dangers and reward conformity.
Alert people to these dangers in a fun and creative way
Partnering with a mobile network (such as Telstra or Vodaphone)
give consumers an attractive incentive to persue our set of behaviours.
strong positive message conveyed to the community
easy for people to accept the information
provide general public with a set of positive behaviours
Community won't want to co-operate
Nothing we can do to force them
Amount of injuries and deaths or possibly increase it.
5. Identify barriers
primary targets
The main texting and driving offenders are between the ages of 17 and 25.
Motorists within this age’s bracket
Intend to generate awareness.
The most technologically dependant.
the people that will use their phones for mainly pleasure and entertainment purposes
Building a healthy Car/Phone relationship that they will carry on through the rest of their lives.
additional target audience
The form of motorists out of the age bracket who still text and drive.
People who are a little older
Who have been doing it for so long that is difficult to break.
For mid steam, the parents and families of the primary target market.
We want our target audience to completely refrain from using their mobile device to send text messages whilst they are operating a motor vehicle. Not even once!
They need to know that giving your mobile phone more attention than the road or the people around you is such a dangerous act and causes accidents and deaths every day.
The target audience needs to believe that injury and accidents sit at a very high percentage and something like intensive care or death can be a very real thing if they have not experienced it already.
There are various barriers causing the general public to not follow our example. Some more innocent than others but just as detrimental. They are as follows:
Not convenient
Texting is cheaper, easier and quicker than calling someone
They are not educated on the dangers of texting and driving
Unless they have been affected by it, they will not see it as a threat.
Can cause problems for anyone using a mobile for a business situation
Although the benefits are less than that of the barriers. They are much more important and rewarding outcomes such as:
• Safer roads
• More community awareness
• Reduction in road accidents
Competing Behaviors
Using phone while driving
Texting while driving
Reading a text while driving
Surfing the net while driving
influence of important others
The main Influences people will encounter will be those of family and friends. Because of the nature the two parties, certain ideals may conflict.
1.Background &Purpose
We want 17- 30 year old drivers to see that waiting until they have finished driving to send a text message will ensure the safety and well being of themselves and others around them while on the road. We also need them to realise how much more important and beneficial this is then replying to a recently received message.

Positioning Statment

-Smartphone Application
- Disables calls
- Sends a free auto reply
- Dislays a speedometer
- Reward system

Marketing strategy

Core Product:
A Block for calls to a mobile phone while a person is driving

Actual Product:
free smartphone application that tracks car speed

Augmented Product:
free calls, test or internet data, driver safe awareness.


-Free to download
-must be with selected phone company
- must be prepaid

Smartphone Based:
-social media channels
- internet news feeds
- smartphone based advertising
- Internet memes

Promotion continued

-Local traffic hints
-Information packs for Grade 12 students

Internet Memes
Monitoring and Evaluation
-Application Insights
-Social Media insights
-Monthly evaluation
Implementation Plan
-Release application
- High School Inofrmation Pack

December 1st 2014
- Social media generation begins
- Promote through Holiday season
- 6 monthly Evaluations.

- Palm of your hand
- State/ Private High Schools
In 2009, 43% of teenage motorists said they send sms message while they are driving. In the same survey 93% of teenage motorists said they know that texting and driving is dangerous. But they continue to do it anyway.
1,600,000 teen accidents per year
230,000 injuries per year
At least 11 teen deaths every day
10% out of the lines
Important Influences

-Will promote not texting and driving
- Dangers

-Constant chatting
- Most likely not inform you of dangers
- Will most likely text you while driving.

Lower young driver accident rate by 25% in 6 month
Lower young driver accident rate by 50% in 2 years
Increase young drivers activity and awareness of safe driving
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