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selena gomaz

all about the 1 and only SELENA GOMAZ

Caitlin Brincat

on 21 March 2012

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Transcript of selena gomaz

Selena Gomez born 22nd of july 1992 She is an American actress, singer, and best known for winning the Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place Selena’s real full birth name is Selena
marie Gomez Selena Gomez appeared as a guest star on The suite life of Zack & Cody In early 2007 Gomez was cast in the Disney Channel series Wizards Of Waverly Places 1 of the 3 main characters Alex Russo. In June, 2009, Gomez appeared in the made-for-television Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program with best friend, Demi Lovato. selena's best friend is demi lavato
here are some photos of them
born on the 22nd july 1992 here are 2 of her populaur songs selena raping
super bass here are all the selena songs i know
A year without rain naturally who says love you like a love song shake it up tell me something fly to your heart falling down round and round in 2006 selena and her bff demi lovato was in a show called Barney and Friends thanks for watching
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