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Wind Energy

No description

Efrain V. Kirby

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Wind Energy

Wind Energy
What does a Generator do?
Are Wind turbines dangerous?
3 Questions
What do they Produce ?
Wind Energy is a type of an alternative energy. There are many types of things that produce energy for example Wind energy. Wind energy has a Generator that is about 5ft long.
They say that wind turbines are dangerous but i think that they are not dangerous. One thing that makes the wind energy dangerous is that the community thinks that the wind turbines could kill flying animals like birds.
A Generator makes it produce energy by wind. They say the more fast the wind goes on the wind turbine the more it lights up homes. We all know that wind turbines move slow so energy is produced slow.
Wind turbines produce energy to your homes. They light up and they heat up your homes like other alternative energy's. Did you know that only 1% of energy is being used by wind turbines in the United States.
A type of an alternative energy.
By:Efrain Valencia
Fun facts about wind turbines:
-Not well used in the U.S
-Worried if they are dangerous
-ONLY 1% of energy is used
-There are lots of wind farms
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2 : 17 p.m.
1. In what ways is this energy source attractive for consumer use?it is attractive because most people don't use this energy source.
2. what lifestyle changes might contribute to increased or decreased energy use?i think that it will increase because it is only 1% of energy being used in the u.s.
3 what might be some of the dangers or by -products related to this energy source?that many birds can die by the sharp blades of the turbine.
Wind Energy
Fun facts about wind turbines
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