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Star Spangled Banner

No description

elen wilkinson

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of Star Spangled Banner

Congress declared war on Great Britain in 1812.
War of 1812
National Anthem
The Star Spangled banner became our national anthem in 1931.
The Land of the Free
This is the flag that inspired Key.
Star Spangled Banner
The US was not prepared for war. Our army
was small, our navy was smaller, and our
government did not have the money
to support a war.

British forces captured Washington and set fire
to the city. Then, the British moved to Baltimore
and attacked.

In September 1814, after a 25-hour long battle,
U.S. soldiers at Baltimore’s Fort McHenry
defeated the British. They raised in victory
a 42-foot American flag
sewn by Mary Pickersgill.

A young Francis Scott Key was aboard a
ship in the harbor and was so inspired by
the patriotic sight that he wrote a poem, which
later was renamed “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Did You Know?
Francis Scott Key had
never written a song
before the
Star Spangled Banner.
Did You Know?
"In God We Trust" on our money
comes from the
fourth verse of the anthem.
Francis Scott Key was tone deaf.
Did You Know?
Threads from the original flag which inspired Key have been sewn into a patch on the national September 11th flag.
Which line do you think is the most powerful?
Jordan Shelton
Winner of the
Star-Spangled Banner
singing contest sponsored
by the Smithsonian.
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