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The Hero Quest Cycle

Exploring how all heroes of antiquity and classical mythology embark upon an archetypal journey.

Ravi Panwar

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of The Hero Quest Cycle

The Hero Quest Cycle
Unusual Birth or Origin
Protected Youth
Preparation & Readiness
Ultimate Test
Divine Intervention
or Assistance
The Hero has an unusual birth or origin which marks him/her as being special.
Sometimes the hero is ignorant of his/her true identity.
The protected existence ends with a Call to Adventure by some Messenger or Event
Often the Hero refuses this Call to Adventure
Once the quest has been accepted, the Hero must train. This is overseen by a Magical Talisman or Old Wizard.
During the Journey the Hero faces a series of Threshold Guardians that test the skill and resolve of the Hero.
The Hero usually fails to defeat the first Threshold Guardian and requires help.
The Hero acquires Hero Partners
But the Hero will lose his guide/mentor
Hero slays the Monster,
but only after being
betrayed, and/or making
a sacrifice.
The Hero's Return
Important Marriage,
Kingly Rule or Both
Enchanted Forest
Sacred Grove
The Hero is raised by someone
in isolation, far away from danger.
To Recap:
A Maze or Puzzle
A place of danger
Rest & Healing
Dark Underground evils
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