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Science Fair Project 2013

No description

Lisa Chan

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair Project 2013

( (( (
O((")(") By: Hend and Lisa! What we needed/Steps Hypothesis Picture: What we needed Hend:
If I test the 3 waters to see which is the best water from salt, soda, and spring water, then it will be Spring water. Question - Soda, Spring, and Salt water: which is best for growing plants? By Lisa and Hend Steps 1) Put soil in the pots
2) Plant seeds in the soil
3) Put it near sunlight, example, near a window
4) Water each plant DIFFERENT Kinds of Water
(Spring, Salt and Soda) Everyday
5) About 3-4 weeks the flower will start to grow

WARNING: Make sure to Water the plants everyday or else they will die :(
Tip: Label the pots so that you don't mess up with the types of water you are watering the plants. 1) 3 Different kinds of water
-Spring water
-Soda water
-Salt water
2) 3 flower pots
3) Soil
4) Flower seeds (The same kind) Salt water Soda water Spring water How we got the materials: 1) Kinds of water
-Spring water (Just any water bottle you drink)
-Soda water (From a grocery store)
-Salt water (Just mix salt and water together)
2) Pots (you can buy them from a gardening shop or at the dollar store)
3) Soil (you can buy it from a gardening shop, too)
4) Flower seeds (From a gardening store or the dollar store) 1st pot = Spring water 2nd pot = Soda water Example: Seeds Flowerpot with soil 3rd pot = Salt water SCIENCE FAIR 2013 Lisa:
If we test to see which will give the best results, then i also agree it will be Spring Water. Lets see if we were
right! :3 Spring Water Salt Water Soda Water Best Water For Growing Plants *Almost everything is from the dollar store :) Type of water used: Results Soda Water Spring Water Salt Water How tall it grew: 19 CM 21 CM 13 CM How long it took to grow: 5-6 Weeks ( From the end of January ) Data * * Everything was about 6-7dollars * * * * * 8 My and Lisa's Hypothesis were both right!!!
We'll be explaining why in the next few paragraphs.

As you can see, the Spring water worked best on our plants because the pot in which the spring water was used grew taller than the others. That is because spring water has more nutrition vitamins and minerals in it than other types of water. Moreover, it is in more pure form as it does not have to pass through earth crust.

As you have also noticed, the plant with the Salt Water used on it grew the least. We concluded that that is because the salt in the plant soil outside of the plant cells causes water to move outside of the cells to try to equalize the concentration. This occurs through the process of osmosis. The root cells die, and if the situation is bad enough, the plant will die.

And you might be asking: Why didn't ours die? Well that is because the concentration of the salt in the water we used wasn't very concentrated.

Now for the Soda Water. We saw that the Soda Water fed plant grew almost as tall as the Spring Water fed plant. It had almost the same results due to the fact that they contain macro nutrients essential to plant growth. Those macro nutrients are: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, and sodium. Given proper nutrients, plants should grow at a faster rate than those who do not acquire as much of the nutrients.
But why did they not grow as tall as the Spring Water fed plant? They didn't because the Spring Water was more pure and it didn't go threw many processes like the Soda Water. Purpose of our project Our purpose for this project is to know which water we should use when we are growing plants.
We also want to help people who really like planting by letting them know that Spring Water is the best choice of water to use on their plants. We want to know the most reliable water that will grow our plants healthy and fast, so we don't have to wait longer than other types of water do. Reflection Thanks for watching! :)
Hope you enjoyed it
and try it at home! Reflection ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` The best part of our project was when water the plants the different types of water, and when we were observing our final terrific results!!! We liked this project because now we know a lot more about water and how it works on plants.

The part we DIDN'T like was the waiting part. We had to wait over a MONTH for our final results, but it was worth it.

We didn't have much difficulties with our project. But if we have to state one, then it would be the part where we had to open a new Soda bottle each day. That is because when you open a Soda bottle or can the gas will go away after a few hours, but we needed the gas for our plants and so we opened a new one everyday!! Hend Lisa Lisa Hend Lisa Hend Green=Hend
Blue=Lisa Lisa Hend Lisa Hend Both ************************************************************ ************************************************************ ***************************************** ***************************************** Conclusion / / @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Bibliography ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Google (Obviously)
-Yahoo.com/ca O O 3 My fake plants died because i forgot to pretend to water them! 0 0 c C I
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