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Anthropology 321: Forensic Anthropology - Drew University

Ben Schaefer

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of PMI

Spatial patterning of vulture scavenged human remains.
By: Miho Watabe and Ben Schaefer

Avian scavengers and PMI
They play a huge impact on the body condition, possibly increasing rate of decomposition.
The Study
Conducted at Forensic Anthropology Research Center (FARF) at Texas State University
Vultures can skeletonize a human corpse in 5 hours which can lead to very misleading time of death estimates.
Post Mortem Interval (PMI)
Represents the time since a person has died
Helps identify the victim
Assists with "establishing perpetrator chronologies"
described as grassland, annual temp 60 degrees F/ 16 C. In it’s highs it is 90+F/32+C and in it’s lows it is 40 F/ 4 C
Vultures scavenged the eyes in the first week
No interference for over a month, body remained fairly fleshed due to the cold weather
Major activity occurred on December 26th, over 30 vultures came and scavenged for over 34 hours (5 hours of active feeding) and the body was skeletonized
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