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The fear of making decisions

Marlina Ros

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Decidophobia

The word "Decidophobia" was first mentioned by the Princeton philosopher Walter Kaufmann in 1973. He wrote a book about it called "Without guilt and justice."

People who lack courage to sort things out in disagreements to find the truth are the ones who are most likely to have this phobia. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Diagnosis Start Phobia?

Phobia is a when you have an extreme, irrational fear of a subject, activity, or situation (Decido) is Latin for "meaning to decide" Symptoms Majority of cases, patients diagnose themselves.
When people realize their phobia is irrational, they may speak to a primary care physician.
After that, the doctor will refer the patient to a
therapist. Decidophobia Fear of Making
Decisions Found uncommon; People are afraid more of
hurting other people than making decisions. Fear of Making Decisions What type of phobia is this? Breathelessness Dizziness Excessive Sweating
Nausea Dry Mouth Shaking
Heart palpitations Anxiety Panic attack
Inability to speak or think clearly The Discovery Statement Lack of control causes
depression Treatment A form of cognitive therapy

Focused on remapping and strengthening their decision making process

Medication to also relieve tension and reduce stress "The cause of all negative
emotions is a disruption in
the body's energy system." Decidophobia is a social phobia because
your afraid to make a decision on your
own; you need someone to do it for you so you don't let them down.
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