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Heroin Drug Presentation- Valentine

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Transcript of Heroin Drug Presentation- Valentine

By Mercedes Lindsey & Jessica Alexander This Is Heroin "Heroin" is the most common name for this drug, but the full name of the drug is diacetylmorphine or morphine diacetate . Heroin Narcotic its a.... Nicknames & Street Names For Heroin: •Dragon
•Big H
•China White
•White Nurse
•White Lady •White Horse
•Black Tar
•Black Pearl
•Black Stuff
•Black Eagle
•Brown Crystal
•Brown Sugar
•Brown Tape •Brown Rhine
•White Girl
•White Stuff
•Mexican Brown
•Mexican Mud
•Mexican Horse
•Snowball •Snow
•White Boy
•Number 3
•Number 4
•Number 8 Most of the Heroin in the world comes from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. Opium Poppy which is the plant required to produce heroin best grown in dry and warm climates. The laws governing them can be traced back all the way to the 1900 century. Heroine is made in several different ways but they all come back to a single base- Morphine. Morphine comes from Opium, the resinous substance found inside the fruit of the opium poppy. Once the opium is harvested, its three main alkaloids (alkaloids are basically a biochemical found in plants) are separated into:

Morphine and Codeine are the only two alkaloids which can be converted into Heroin.
Thebaine is the base for bupenephrine which is a very strong narcotic pharmacologically and is mostly used in the treatment of opiate/opiod addiction. Its was originally used as a remedy to morphine addiction. It was outlawed in 1918 due its "potential for abuse" and its potentially harmful qualities. However, there is really no reason for its illegality. In reality, abuse of anything can be harmful. Heroin is Made from Morphine, which in turn is made from Opium, a naturally occurring substance in poppies. Castor beans, a plant you can find anywhere in the U.S. , can and will kill someone who ingests it, yet it is completely legal. Additionally, not only was Heroin originally a medicine, but the majority of harm associated with it is due to unsafe injection practices, sharing needles, lack of sterilization, etc. The high depends on:

~How you take it
~What kind you take
~How pure it is If you snort it:

- You will feel high for approximately 4 to possibly 10 hours

- You should have the strongest part of your high within 5-15 minutes but it can take longer depending on the heroin

-You should feel euphoric when you first take your line but after about 15-45minutes, your high should have calmed down a bit and you should feel like you have no pain, feel happy, content, some people get more comfortable in social situations, some people get sleepy, it just depends on the way you react to it If you Shoot it (shots) :

- As soon as you bang it, you feel a very sudden(only takes like 1-2 seconds)burst of euphoria.

- The high is significantly shorter than snorting it. Can last between 45mins-4 hours.
- But with the shorter high you also experience a more intense, strong high. Signs & Symptoms:
~dry mouth
~skin will flush.
~pupils will be constricted
~will feel heavy and droopy
~may fade in and out of wakefulness
~may nod off suddenly
~Breathing will be slowed (which is how an overdose kills)
~thinking will be unclear
~ tend to lose some of their memory
~ decision-making and self-control are likely to deteriorate Some of the less "pleasant" signs of heroin use are:
~nausea and vomiting
~ constipation
~skin or other kinds of infections Nodding off.... Heroin is a powerful drug that is processed from morphine. It is highly addictive because it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier immediately. It also produces an effect on the parts of the brain which are responsible for creating physical dependence. It creates a rush of euphoria, which is probably the main reason why a lot of heroin users continue on taking it. Once the body gets used to the presence of the drug, the brain is led to believe that it is a necessary substance. When the intake of heroin is stopped, the brain then sends out signals to the body and the body will then produce withdrawal symptoms. As these withdrawal symptoms are hard to ignore, the individual is sort of forced to just continue on taking the drug ~Overdose can be fatal because of slow respiratory failure. An overdose can be caused by ingesting too much heroin at once, by using the same dose as always but after a clean period, by using heroin that is unusually pure.
~Inflammation and infections because of careless injection.
~Failure of discovering diseases, because heroin suppresses pain.
~Irregular menstrual cycle that can even stay away completely.
~Withdrawal symptoms with newborn babies due to addiction of the mother.
~ Sometimes lethal effects when heroin is used in combination with other narcotics; the effects can intensify and lead to death. Heroin has many noticeable short and long-term effects.
the body begins to feel heavy and sleepiness sets in.
Many heroin users also experience difficulty breathing.
Often heroin users experience dry mouth, have difficulty coughing, and experience nausea or an upset stomach.
Long-term heroin users often experience digestive problems that can result in constipation.
Those who inject heroin face a host of additional physical problems like telltale scarring, abscesses and infections along the inner arms which collectively are known as “track marks.”
Additionally, intravenous users place themselves a significant risk for contracting blood-borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. Heroin should be avoided because its VERYaddictive and hard to get off of. It can lead to death and very serious long term effects. Yes it'll make you feel good at first but after you get addicted to it youll wanna quit. withdraws can lead to hospital visits and nobody wants that. DONT DO HEROIN OR ANY OTHER DRUGS!!!
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