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Lets go back in time where things were groovy man...

Alex V

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of FLASH-BACK!

1960-1969 Threads & Trends Munchies, Man.. Da Lingo Groovy Beat! Setting the Scene... The 60's was a time of colour and change for the world. There were many significant moment moments that made history; Race Riots at Kent State University, Martin Luther King's Civil Rights Movement, the Assassination of American President John F. Kennedy, The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. These years were claimed as the "Swingin' 60's", the time in which the Flower Child grew more popular, with the Hodads and the Hunks.

Drugs were also a big thing then, they would have to "beat the feet" and split from the Fuzz. 1960-1969 Fast Food was really hip, people would pig out like mad, it was "hairy". There was a lot of food like this, such as burgers, fries, hot dogs, pizza etc. Beatles
John Lennon
Elvis Presley
The Supremes
Led Zeppelin
Bod Dylan
The Rolling Stones
The Who
The Jackson Five
Johnny Rivers The Pepsi Generation It was a big time where people did not care much for school, it was a more laid back drag.
The main things they did for entertainment were more or less the famous Chinese Firedrill, Roller-Skating, Board Games, going to Drive-in movies, and Baseball was all the rage. mini-skirt -box-shaped PVC dresses -culottes -Plillbox hat -Bikini -dressing in psychedelic prints -highlighter colours -mismatched patterns -bell-bottom jeans -tie-dye -batik fabrics Places like McDonalds and Burger King it was just all fatty foods... but don't sweat it! It's pretty rad There are a lot of funny phrases from this decade... but here are a few: Ape - used with verbs gone or went
Bad- Awesome
Bad A** - Tough guy
Bag- to steal
Bum a smoke - borrow a cigarette
Beat the Feet - leave area quickly
Birth Control Seats - Referred to cars with bucket seats
Blitzed - Drunk
Bug out - leave the premises
Cat - guy
Catch some Z's - go to sleep
Chrome Dome - Bald guy
Cooties - Unkind remark, (bugs)
D.A. - guy hair style
Dig - do you understand?
Far Out - awesome
Fine as Wine - Good-looking Fink - Tattletale
Five Finger Discount - theft
Flower Child - Hippie
Gum Ball Machine - the old fashion lights on a police cruiser
Hairy - out of control
Hodad - a non-surfer
Moo Juice - milk
Moon - drop your pants, bare your butt
Padiddle - a car with only one headlight
Pig - cop
Right on - exactly
Skirt - a girl
Skuzz - low down (Skuzz bucket means ugly car)
Solid - i got it/I'm with you
Stoned - high on pot
Wiz - urinate http://www.digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/best_artists60s.html GO-GO Boots! -paisley prints And there are many more to go.... Michael Jackson It was a very easy time, people walked everywhere, kids played outside till the street lights went on, mothers stayed home, at dinner time they would sit around and watch the famous Ed Sullivan Show since TV was NEW! There were also shows like Gilligan's Island and American Bandstand. Health & Safety wasn't a big thing back then, people smoked everywhere, around children, in supermarkets, restaurants, in hospitals and woman were encouraged to smoke during pregnancy. Cars were famous for there "Fins", chrome hubcaps, wind-down windows, but the thing was, they never had seat belts. It was a time where kids "dropped out", "tuned in", "made love not war", and changed the course of history. by: Alexandra Verleyen, Douglas Stewart & Matt Selman Verse 4

The days of books are starting
The beginning of the end
Color TV came into
The picture then
Radios, movies, rock and role
Took over the sixties in a TV show

Come and join me
Right now
In the sixties

Come and join me (repeated till song ends) Verse 1
He got, long hair let down
Is wearing florescent clothing
driving what people now call
Hippie vans
Going down to watch a baseball game
Carefree fun loving, laid back today

Verse 2
This is the time of hippies
Wanting peace not war
Smoking, drugs and drinking
They were on the soar
Protest against the Viennese war
People like the Beetles did not sing about gore Chorus
Come join me
Right now
In the 60s

Verse 3
In times of Martin Luther
King and J.F. Kennedy
Speaking out for the
Whole world to see
Sometimes people just didn’t agree
And try put a bullet into you're body

Come and join me
Right now
In the sixties
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