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Everything We Need

A reminder for teachers.
by Ryan McCallum on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Everything We Need

99% @cleanapple Of people believe our children should practice 21st Century skills in our classrooms. Ryan McCallum English Teacher
Technology Integration Specialist This presentation is offerered under a Creative Commons "Some Rights Reserved" license.
All photos and video are used under creative commons license. Credits:
"We Have Everything We Need" comic by Hugh MacLeod @
Ken Robinson photo by Ed Schipul on Flickr
Zebra photo by Tapio Kaisla Photography on Flickr
Pouncing Lion photo by Bevis King on Flickr
Lion attack video by EmPBee on YouTube
Dare to Be Different graphic used with permission
Other video clips represent less than 5% of the original works and are used under Fair Use to serve educational purposes.
All other photos, videos, and graphics are by Ryan McCallum and are offered under a Noncommercial Sharealike Creative Commons license. Leadership is worth more than compliance. We all come from a system that rewards fitting in. The Class of 2025 To
Make Connections
Find Meaning
Solve Problems
Lead ...and it worked for most of us. Scary "... challenge themselves and the status quo." "Seek out more than one right answer." Safe and comfortable place to take risks and think at a higher level. We need to be different. Patient problem solving. New literacies. Collaborate. Creativity and Enthusiasm One of the key parts of learning in the 21st Century is the quality of the connections we make. Connections to
Each Other
Ourselves What connections will your students make in your classroom? How will we use the tools we have? Consumption vs Production? hyperlink Challenges drive 21st Century Learning How much power do you give the 1% Communities.
Parents. Your students are waiting for you to be remarkable so they have a chance to be remarkable. If you're waiting until you have all the time you want, then you'll never start. Start something. Collaborate
Creative Problem Solving
Critical Thinking There are 2 Billion potential teachers out there. Let the tools you choose make time for you. "I can do anything that I'm not scared of." "Teachers themselves need to learn a new way of learning, and in addition to new ways of helping others learn." Basti Hirsch We are as smart as we are curious. "Information is powerful.
But it is how we use it that will define us." Zack Matere If you can't fail, it's not worth doing. Put yourself in situations that involve fear. The opposite of fear is love. HOW? The only real way to fail is to do nothing. Why am I here? Social Media/Online-Community Manager
Telework Manager
Sustainability Manager
Elder-Care Services Coordinator
Educational Consultant
Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Medical Coder
Online Advertising Manager
Talent Management Coordinator
User Experience Manger 10 Jobs that Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago Companies brought new machines in, but not new people. Technological progress—in particular, improvements in computer hardware, software, and networks—has been so rapid and so surprising that many present-day organizations, institutions, policies, and mindsets are not keeping up The root of our problems is not that we’re in a Great Recession, or a Great Stagnation, but rather that we are in the early throes of a Great Restructuring. ... Constant doubling, reflecting exponential growth, is deceptive because it is initially unremarkable. ... As time goes by—as we move into the second half of the chessboard—exponential growth confounds our intuition and expectations. It accelerates far past linear growth, yielding Everest-sized piles of rice and computers that can accomplish previously impossible tasks. Complex Communications

Expert Decision Making Two skills that will be in demand the longest: (And the answer isn't with technology.
It's in how we use it.) 21st Century Work How do we train teachers? How do we bridge the gap between the haves and have nots? How do we begin? Simply ask your questions from your mobile phone as if you were talking to a smart friend. learning is From 'Shins & Cheeks', a collection of portraits of skateboarders by Jo Hempel & Gunnar Nicolaus. Model failure. You do some work.
They do the rest. Watch. Sit. Listen. Remember. to create new connections that can't happen anywhere else. I'm Photo by strange_wax on Flickr.,11.10,45.9 High Cost Low Cost High Reward Low Reward D B C Value A (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
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