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The Netherlands

No description

Esmeralda Brouwer

on 1 October 2017

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Transcript of The Netherlands

Say what?
* Total population?
* Amsterdam is the capital, but the government resides in The Hague.
* Official language is Dutch
* Landschape: water dominates the Dutch landschape. The Netherlands is the world leader in water management, building dykes and polders.
* Sports: football, ice-skating, swimming, hockey.
* Orange is related to the Dutch Royal Family and represents the national identity of the Netherlands.

Dutch sayings
* Up to the 19th century Holland was just a river delta divided into various regions.
* Since 1814, Holland is a constitutional monarchy.
* Current head of state is...?
King Willem-Alexander
* Different Holland vs The Netherlands. The Netherlands means low-lying country. The name Holland was originally given to one of the old cores and is still used for 2 of the 12 provinces (North & South Holland)

The Netherlands
* Western Europe
* Borderd by the North sea
* Land boundary Belgium and Germany
* Divided into 12 provinces
* Capital city?
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