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Accommodations & Modifications

April 1st, 2013 In-Service

Julie Smith

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Accommodations & Modifications

April 1st, 2013 Accommodations
Modifications Presentation MODIFICATIONS WHY Learning Differences
we can't "see" So what is the difference Accommodation
Changes the Is it fair??? External Difference
we see How About This? How about this? Modification
Changes the Both Change
Instruction How
Changes Presentation of a lesson
Instructional Strategies
Student Response Format
Assignment structure
paper/pencil work What
Changes Instructional Level
Performance Criteria
Assignment Structure-
Concrete to Represenational/Abastract Mnemonics Audio Notes Visual Aid vs Visual Clutter Group Discussion Speech to text
Text to speech Road Map Questions First Highlight Focus on only the essentials Reduce Distractions Remove Barriers Same Target Made Accessible Breaks Allow time needed
for completion Schedule tests at peak
performance times Partial Completion
Completion at a lower level Content/Curriculum Alternative Learning Goals Performance Criteria Reduce Number of Concepts Required for Mastery
Use an alternate grading procedure or scale
Base Grade on alternate learning goals Student has difficulty finding the main ideas or knowing what is important to remember from the book. Student has difficulty figuring out what they are supposed to learn from a lecture or discussion. Student has difficulty understanding
new math concepts and solving problems. Students are confused by complex instructions and materials Accommodation or Modification In Language Arts class you provide a lower readability level of the same text while working on comprehension concepts tied to the state standards. In Language Arts class you provide a lower readability level of the same text when assessing if students can read and comprehend grade level text. In Math class you assess the student on meeting half of the standards covered in the entire course for the final grade. In math class you reduce the number of items required for each homework assignment by carefully selecting items which will demonstrate if they are mastering the skills for the course. What would you do? You have a student who has a significant print disability meaning they struggle to read print because of a neurological condition called Dyslexia or a Learning Disability. They have normal intelligence but read and write 2 years below grade level. Based on your content how can you make it accessible to this student? How can we accommodate?
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