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Gabrielle Douglas

No description

sarah kahsay

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Gabrielle Douglas

Gabrielle (Gabby) Douglas
born on December 31, 1995
lived in Virginia Beach, VA
17 years old

Why is Gabrielle Douglas a PIONEER?
first color of any nationality /first african american in the olympics
first all round champion
first female to do team and all round gold in the same olympics

Character Trait
determined - decided; settled; resolved
One way Gabby is determined...
Gabby never wavered her dreams of being an Olympian.
Gabby pushed everything including her hardships aside.
She never let anything get in her way went it came to being in the gym.
Another way Gabby is determined...
Gabby has talent but also has daily goals in the gym.
Her mental toughness stands out more than her difference in weakness and strength
Determined is seen in our society today by...
people deciding goals
people achieving those goals
The way we as middle school students can demonstrate determined is by...
setting a goal for ourselves
achieving that goal
"Yes ive had a lot of hardships in my life and career but I never let that hurt what i do in the gym."
-Gabby Douglas
"Gabby's determination is essential to her success."
-Liang Chow
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