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Giant Consumer Products

No description

Maria Johnson

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Giant Consumer Products

-In-store sampling
-Partner with other company (healthy drinks, wine pairings, etc.)
-Offer % of sales to charity
-QR codes on box (scan for discounts, healthy tips, wine pairings, etc.)
-Social media (Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) Maria Johnson
Austin Graham
Michael Lafler
James Johansen
Marcus Pollard
Jordan Cannon Overview
-September 2008
-Frozen Foods Division (FFD)
Sales volume 3.9% behind plan
Gross Revenue 3.6% under plan
Marketing Margin 4.1% under plan
-Giant Consumer Products (GCP) relying on FFD to help recover plan by end of year GCP Considering Trade
Promotion to Boost Sales Risks to Consider: -Cannibalization
-Brand Equity Erosion
-Stockpiling Cannibalization Consumers could choose to purchase the sale product in lieu of one of GCP's other products with the effect of diminishing or completely negating the benefits of the promotion. Brand Equity Erosion GCP products currently have a premium image in the minds of retailers and consumers. Implementing a “price-off” deal on the brand could potentially tarnish its premium image. Forward Buying Retailer may purchase a large quantity of the product while it is available at a lower price and stockpile for after the promotion has ended, resulting in higher margins; or extend the sale, conditioning consumers to expect lower prices. Pass Through Retailers may purchase items at reduced cost and then not comply with the promotion and pass the savings along to consumers. Stockpiling by Consumers Consumers may buy large quantities of the item to store for future use. The Dinardo's™ Brand -Features traditional favorites
-Quality ingredients
-Tastes better than competitors
-Available in three sizes:
32 oz, 16 oz, 6-8 oz
-Generates over $425 m
in revenues annually The Natural Meals™ Brand -Great tasting, low fat organic food
-Packaging appeals to health conscious consumers
-Recipes suited to sophisticated palate
-Available in one 16 oz size
-Super-premium price
-Nearly $150 m in revenue per year (25% of FFD) Analysis of Promoting Natural Meals™ Product
Table 5 - Marketing Margin Change for the Natural Meals™ product in Promotion Table 4 - Cannibalization Effects on Marketing Margin from Promotion of Dinardo’s™ Products Table 3 - Marketing Margin Change for Dinardo’s™ Products in Promotion Analysis of Promoting Dinardo’s™ Products Table 1 – FFD Performance vs.
2008 Plan as of August Table 2 – Financial Impact Summary of FFD’s Promotional Alternatives Recommendations: -Promote Natural Meals™ products
Only product projected to yield increased profits and revenue
Estimated ROMI is 12%
Does not cannibalize sales of Dinardo's™ products
Attract new customers before launch of competitive brand "Healthy Options"
-Institute a Pay-for-Performance model
Mitigate risk of forward buying and failure to comply with pass through
-Promotion plan benefits GCP, retailers and consumers Questions? Promotion Implementation Ideas FFD Brands Brands to Consider: - Dinardo's™ 16 oz
- Dinardo's™ 32 oz
- Natural Meals™ Presented by
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