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Social Exchange Theory

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megan ritchie

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Exchange Theory

Social Exchange Theory What kind of theory is it? What does it attempt to explain? social factors that may influence how individuals will interact
role expectations or the certain things in relationship that may require a certain amount of give and take
things to look at might be the benefits one may acquire when being with a person
will the good out-weigh the bad or will what you give into a relationship be worth what you get in the end. What are some of the main areas of focus? How individuals interact with different people
Role expectations
Give and takes in the relationship, and if the relationship will be worth it in the end.
Example: Bella Swan in Twilight gave up mortality and friendship in order to be in a relationship with Edward Cullen. which we are exchanging one thing for another to benefit our relationship
essentially trading different traits in which the other may or may not have to further the happiness in the relationship
based on benefits and cost
the choices of marriage partners.
example Prince Charles and Lady Diana BASIC CONCEPTS OR PRINCIPLES Identify common or bolded terms Cost- the actions that meet the needs of another such as providing physical or emotional support, or shaping goods and

Benefits- to meet perceived need, physical or emotional security, access to goods and services and social approval

Cost-effective - a preferred relationship by individuals in which the benefits are greater than those of alternative relationships.

Alternative relationship - having the freedom to be sexually and/or emotionally involved with more than one person.

Reciprocal relationship – is one in which each party bears a responsibility for the welfare of the other and, thus, each has certain rights. Example being..... BELLA The History of the Family Child Abuse Human sexuality this means what are the benefits and drawbacks, and if relationships are worth it in the end
example: Bella Swan gave up mortality, and friendships for her relationship
example: how one may react to homeless people compared to others Sexuality can be applied to many different aspects of this theory.
sex is shown as a reward for commitments in relationship
homosexuals, and how they may feel uncomfortable coming out of the closet
Example: men are supposed to be masculine and with women The role of Woman in the Family typical woman is a stay at home mother with 2 kids.
The woman is known for staying home and cleaning
Looking at what can be offered and what can be given.
a high priority than can give can be the mothering factor
that means staying home with the kids and upkeep of the house or going to work and coming home and taking care of the kids Adolescent Behavior Behavior Teenagers are known for having quite the variety of emotion and they are known for doing and saying things to possibly fit in with a crowed or to be noticed.
they want to impress, peers, media, or even family
Example: Mean Girls THE END THANKS! trained so that our behavior and thought process are consistent
Some countries practice spanking, hitting, scolding
they are forced to behave in a certain way their parents/guardians want them to behave social-psychological new economic, political, and social pressures, the structure of the family is constantly adapting.
Example: it was beneficial for agricultural families to have lots of children.
Woman could offer things that previously only their husbands could offer in the 60's - 70's
The wife gained financial support from her husband, while she did household work and took care of the children.
This meant a working woman would be more likely to look for an alternative to her relationship if the costs were too great
. It is expected for children to receive an education, get a job and support their parents in old age in return, as well as raise their own children
there is a greater desire to maintain strong, balanced ties within the family. The history of the family
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