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After the Battle

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of After the Battle

The Patriot Retreat
Not many people were happy to hear that the Colonial Army had retreated once again. Many Important lives were lost, and many lives were lost in general. Americans, Patriots, and Colonists, were all disappointed with the results of this battle. No one new who's fault it was. No one even new if it was anyone's fault. It was then, when people realized how hard it will be to win a war, and how long they would have to wait.
After the Battle
American Strengths
America's Strengths in this battle were the fact that they had many great firearms to shoot down many incoming enemy soldiers and that they the place of the battle. Then again they were fighting on their soil.
American Weaknesses
America's weaknesses were mainly the fact that they were outnumbered by many soldiers and that they had a large lack of ammunition.
British Strenghts
Britain's strengths in this battle were the fact that they had soldiers and more soldiers that would just keep on coming and advancing. They also had so much ammunition and supplies that every soldier needs in battle.
British Weaknesses
Britain's weaknesses in this battle were the fact that their battle strategies were to advance and keep advancing and shoot. But what really happened was charge or advance and get shot down.
Battles to Come
Yes, each side was expecting many more battles on the way, but the British were expecting more battles that they would win. What the British didn't know was that the colonial army was getting reinforcements and was preparing for the next battle.
The British "Victory"
The British "Victory" was physically a victory. No British soldier, General, or Colonel was satisfied with this victory. They were not satisfied with this victory because of all the lives that they lost. Every life that they lost was important. Because every life that they lost had helped them "Win the War".
Thank You For WATCHING!!
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