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Tuomas Antero Turunen Karelia Inspiration

An introduction of Karelia Inspiration piano concert

Tuomas Turunen

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of Tuomas Antero Turunen Karelia Inspiration

Karelia Inspiration
Introduction and music samples
Tuomas Antero Turunen
Written about Tuomas:

“Logical, yet crafty solos, always played with a beautifully honed, malleable piano sound.”
– Nishlyn Ramanna, Sunday Magazine

“Tuomas Turunen's piano playing is lyrical and swinging.”
– Torsten Eckermann, Lira Musikmagasin

“It is not often that you can hear such side-slipping humor or sensitive ballad interpretations; keep Turunen's name on mind.”
– Pentti Ronkanen, Suomijazz.com

"Simply beautiful"
- Osku Rajala, Jazzrytmit magazine
Tuomas A. Turunen is an award-winning Finnish jazz pianist, known as a solo artist and as a member of several Nordic jazz groups. He is a frequent performer at the top jazz events in Finland including Pori Jazz, Tampere Jazz Happening, Jyväskylä Summer Jazz and Jazz-Espa as well as at other European festivals such as Jazz Baltica, Montreux Jazz Festival, Getxo Jazz, Swedish Jazz Celebration and Jazzkaar. Outside of Europe Tuomas has performed notably on the African continent, e.g. at Jazz à Dakar -festival and at the legendary Rainbow Jazz Club in South Africa. Tuomas lived in Sweden from 2004 until 2009 and studied jazz piano at the Music Academy of Gothenburg with Lars Jansson and Anders Jormin as his teachers
Itkevä Huilu (O. Merikanto)
Live 2011
Now playing:
Since obtaining his Master of Music degree in 2009, Tuomas has been based in France, working as a freelance musician, composer and entrepreneur. He has released 12 albums with his different groups and he was awarded the Jazz Scholarship of Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 2009. In 2010 he won the Jury's Special Price at Montreux Jazz Festival's piano competition.
Live 2011
Now playing:
Värmlandsvisan (Trad.)
Karelia Inspiration concert offers an unique experience with pianist Tuomas Antero Turunen's passionate and powerful interpretations on traditional and popular songs from Finland, Sweden and Russia.

The music samples of this presentation are recorded in Tuomas' concert in 2011.
Live 2011
Now playing:
Pesnya o druge (Vladimir Vysotsky)
Should it happen that you want to hear some of the tracks again, you have to reload this page.

Have a good listening!
1. The concert
2. The artist
3. The press
4. Contact + Info
Polushko-pole (L. Knipper)
Now playing:
Live 2011
Website: www.tuomasturunen.fi

Tel. Finland +358 (0)50.353.83.50
Tel. France +33 (0)640.10.00.27
photos by: Juho Kolehmainen
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