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Yohji Yamamoto

No description

Rosie-Anne Footitt

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Yohji Yamamoto

Conflict and emotion
Yohjii had experienced trauma in his life experience of bomb/war and this had effected his designs and the aethestetic of his collections, manipulating them to be quite dark and full of confilct. Rick Owen also stands for this aethestetic and this is shown throughout too, his collections. He is right now, the contemporary overlord of high and dark fashion.

severe, often sinister, monochrome, draped jersey and leather aesthetic.
Creative director Alber Elbaz
Lanvin - Although Yohjji always keeps the colour monochrome and dark, he does play around greatly with the cuts, ruffles and sillhouettes in his collections and he often plays around with the shape and texture in his garments, this is reflected too in Lanvin - Although the collections are a lot more glamorous and luxury
Designers that have taken direct inspiration from Yohjii
Alexander Wang
Yohjji highly influences contemporary designer AW with the concept of using monochrome colours and the whole 'rebel' against fashion movement, but AW takes Yohjii's designs and reworks them into contemporary designs of urban/street modern style and culture.
The same values and ethos
Alber Elbaz
Had the same ethos as Yohjji
and aesthetic in his designs. He doesn't
design his work to make other
people happy in the fashion industry
he says what he thinks. Alike
Yohjii rebelling against the 'fashion industry' he isn't trying to be what
is 'cool' because he says
"cool is after a days becoming cold" He values the beauty of sacrifice for fashion like Yohjii.
in an interview with ShowStudio
rick owen
• Their legacy: showing two runway images belonging to two separate contemporary designers (from the last four years) who have taken direct inspiration from your designers. So, two different contemporary designer for each historical designer. Evidence some precise links with silhouettes, colour, fabrics, fastenings, prints and graphics. How do these designers evoke their spirit / mood / values?
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