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Women's Rights in India

No description

Amanda Morris1

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Women's Rights in India

Women's Rights in India and Inhumanity in North Korea
India women...
Are the minority with a ratio of 914 females for every 1000 males.
Steps Taken
Private organizations began celebrating the birth of females to try and equal the gender ratio.
Many believe this movement to be pointless.
An all female court was made to encourage women to come forward and report rapes and sexual assault.
India women are starting to protest the inequality and injustice.
North Korean Inhumanity
Criminals receive malicious treatments.
Policies are maintained that cause famine.
Orphans are left to starve.
Punishments are severe for those who want to leave the country.
Working conditions do not follow the International Labor Organization standards.
Actions Taken
HRC condemned the nation five years in a row.
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Others say the view of women must change if India ever wants to modernize like the rest of the world.
Rarely receive justice for crimes done against them.
Deal with increased sexual assault.
Receive little to know inheritance.
A deal was made between the US and North Korea (but was soon broken by North Korea).
The UN gave a resolution demanding a stop to the inhumanity.
By: Amanda Morris
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