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Leyf brand

No description

Dawn Newton

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Leyf brand

The challenge:
to increase internal brand engagement
My plan
Involve & Promote
Empower & Embed
Future proof
Brand & values integrated into business processes
Future proof
Thank you for your time
Any questions?
Definition.com offers this definition for the word tribe: “a class or set of persons, esp. one with strong common traits or interests.” People are tribal in nature – we need to connect with other people who share our interests.
Tribes instead of teams
lasting and substantive change can be best effected by a tribe: a group of people connected to each other, to a leader and to an idea. Smart innovators find or assemble a movement of similarly minded individuals and get the tribe excited by a new product, service or message
Courageous | Creative | Consultative | Child focused | Constant
Live the values / brand
Celebrate successes
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
To deliver an employee engagement strategy to reach out to all team members in 4 phases
Listen to the team
"I reckon about 20% of a brand is its physical attributes, like a logo, color, letterheads. The rest is all about behavior, employees bring a brand to life; they are its ultimate custodians."
- Ian Buckingham,
head of Interbrand Inside.
Segment internal audiences
"You need to segment your internal population just as you would your external audience and communicate appropriately. Communication needs to be relevant, and in today's climate, experiential as well. That could be rallies, workshops, online training, even picnics."
Listen & Prepare
Take a sample of people to interview

Analyse research

Understand the barriers & challenges

Create a plan to address findings

One size does not fit all - a range of tactics needed
Allan Steinmetz, CEO of Inward Strategic Consulting
Case studies
Living the brand - learning through play
Workspaces that inspire
Develop toolkits
The best sponsor for internal culture change is the CEO.
Create our own Leyf board game
Using elements from well loved games - Pictionary, Taboo, Charades & Game of life
Brand journey & history
Interactive, immersive & fun way of exploring the brand
Explore and celebrate what's great about Leyf
Help existing & new team members to share experiences and ideas
Safe space to find their own ways to articulate the values.
The game of Leyf
In the nurseries they map out what activities the children like most

They then use this motivation to engage the children and help them learn

This seems like a great idea - and would be just as effective with adults
Bring groups together to explore
Earn trust
Take any new ideas on board
Use evidence & facts to engage
Grow brand confidence
Encouragement rather than enforcement
"You can't just say to people, 'Here's the external brand, here's the internal, and here's how it plays out in everyday behavior,' " says Salway.
"You've got to be careful because people are
; you can make this a false thing. If you keep staff happy and still let them bring their
to work then you're more likely to succeed."
- Catherine Salway,
Group Brand Manager for
Channel creativity & enthusiasm
Make it as easy as possible (MS Word)
Best Western achieve highest sales growth following ad campaign
Celebrate your people
- your greatest asset
Best Western
Created an advertising campaign
highlighting and proudly showcasing
their hotels & the people that work in them celebrating individuality
Veterans - 5+ years
Newbies - <1 year
Bringing out individuality of nurseries
Templates of flyers & posters etc
Supported journey...
Audiences: CEO, Top management, Nursery Managers, Support staff
Cultural change is challenging

Making it enjoyable and memorable will be key to success

Bringing out the individuality of the nurseries will help inject more heart and allow for a more authentic experience for everyone
Moments of truth – who parents choose & why
Annual plan – integrating brand management and ensuring it is part of inductions of new staff and is regularly reviewed
a.Working together in partnership not brand police
b.Brand steering group
c.Secret shoppers
d.Regularly sharing successes
Bringing out the individuality of each nursery
- Brand stands = reputation
- Explore the Leyf values
- Find meaning
- See the values through real life examples
- What is the Leyf point of difference?
Bottom up / viral approach
Champions not robots
To be flexible
Expert quote
Building a bright
and robust future
All underpinned by the practicalities of a busy workforce with shift patterns
Game of Leyf
Supporting the Managers to define what makes their nursery unique
living the brand
Collect data
Presenting at conference
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