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Main Image & Target Audience

No description

Molly Mason

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Main Image & Target Audience

Main Image & Target Audience
The target audience this magazine is men aged 18-35 who are interested in their appearance and that "perfect" image. They are also interested in their health and fitness. The main image of this magazine will appeal to it's target audience as it shows a man who has a good, muscular physique.
Sell Line
The sell line of this front cover is "Your new body is here". This will help to sell the magazine as it is telling the customer that if they buy this magazine, they will get a new body; the "perfect" body they want. Just above this sell line it says "more strength, more power, more sex and more endurance", this will appeal to the target audience as these are their interests and how they wish to be; powerful, strong and looking good.
Cover Lines
This front cover is trying it's hardest to appeal to the target audience; the cover line contributes towards this. "Gold medal abs" is written all in upper-case letters with a bold font. This is to make it stand out to the reader in order for them to want to purchase the magazine. It is positioned to the left of the page as we read from left to right, meaning they will notice it straight away.
The colours used on this front cover are black,white, blue, red and yellow. However, red is the colour that is mainly used; it is suitable for the target audience as red connotes danger and power. The use of blue and yellow just helps to make the sell line stand out as the bold band behind the text will attract the readers' attention.
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