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Mr. Popper's Penguins

No description

Abarry Clubb

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Mr. Popper's Penguins

Norman Clubb Captain Cook - Before the Crate Phase One In the beginning there were two lovely single adult
penguins named Adam Pheonix and Jackie Miller.
They met at a local fishing hole, the Push-In. It was an icy-cold love from the first fall. Phase Two Phase Three Phase Four After resurfacing, Cook Phoenix tried to find his
parents. After searching for several hours and sifting through the debris, he wandered off looking for any clues of what happened to his parents. Phase Six A couple months after the attack by the Imperial Army
Cook Phoenix stumbled across a strange looking penguin called Master Raylen who took young Cook under his wing. Raylen taught Cook some special skills to keep him safe and prevent more catastrophes like the attack on his colony. After completing his training he earned the name Captain. Last Phase While on the search for the Imperial Army
he came across this strange three legged creature with a giant head and one eye. Unbeknownst to Caption Cook, it was a trap developed by the humans to capture him. What will happen next? After five months of dating, Adam popped the question. He asked Jackie if she would make him the luckiest bird in the world. Ten months later, Cook was born. It was a fairly normal first ten years of Cook
Phoenix's life. He had friends, he learned to
fish from his dad, who taught him to always be
the last one in line. It was a great life,
until that fateful day. As the sun rose that fateful morning, the
Imperial Army came to conquer the western
colonies of Antarctica. So Cook's parents hid him in a fishing hole to keep him safe from the
battle. The fighting continued through the night. When Cook resurfaced, nothing was left. Phase Five A major part of the K-12 Writing Curriculum is narrative writing. Students can create narratives about anything. This is an example of a narrative based on a character from a book. Let's find our way to the end. He became cold after the loss of his family Was this the end of Captain Cook? You will have to read Mr. Popper's Penguins to find out!
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