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The 1960s

No description

Cate Nelson

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of The 1960s

•The cuisine was influenced by the values and social aspects of the decade
•Showy and complicated food
-Vegetarian curiosity
-French influence
-Ethnic cuisine
•Family-style restaurant chains
•Junk food
•“Americanized” renditions of ethnic foods
•Rise of the buffet
The 1960s
Nia Patrice Harrill
Jonathan Sang Jo
Shammir Allen Khan
Caitlin Jade Nelson

Period 6


Early '60s Fashion
-Themes: Youth and Liberalism
-Affected: education, values, lifestyles
-Vietnam War affected people through media
-Emotions came through speeches, protests, and music
-Gap between family life and rebellious youth
-Sexual freedom
-1960: 1st televised election, JFK wins
-1962: John Glenn becomes first American to orbit the Earth
-1963: Kennedy is assassinated
-1964: Lyndon B. Johnson becomes president
-1965: U.S. Troops enter Vietnam, Immigration Act of 1965
-1966: Miranda v. Arizona
-1967: Thurgood Marshall becomes first African-American justice of the Supreme Court
-1968: Nixon is elected
-In the early 1960s, older women held on to classy trends from the '50s

-Women wore knee length dresses or skirts

-The clothes were pastel colored or neutral

-Matching top and bottom “skirt suits”

-These trends were influenced by Jacqueline Kennedy & Audrey Hepburn
-School enrollment increased especially for elementary schools
-Teenagers started getting jobs
-Small recession during 1960-1961
-The household income had increased from 8,540 in 1963 to $10,770 by 1969
-Unemployment rate was at 5.7% in 1963
-Government spending increased
-Military spending increased & new programs started (Food Stamps)
-By the end of the '60s, inflation increased when the government did not raise taxes to pay for its increased spending.
New Daring Generation
-Influenced by British fashion & Twiggy
-The Mod look was very popular, including slim fitting, bold geometric shapes on shift dresses
-The mini skirt emerged thanks to Jean Shrimpton
-Bold patterns and colors were trendy
-Patterned stockings
-Futuristic "space” clothes (shimmery dresses, goggle sunglasses)
Americans were confronted with many conflicts due to television.
In 1963, Walker Cronkite was introduced on CBS as a middle-aged wire-service reporter.
On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 landing was exposed to the public on television.
Television only had three channels.
Television was the main source of entertainment back in the 1960's and was enjoyed by the entire family.
The Beatles
Stevie Wonder
The Beach Boys
of the
Men's Fashion
-Bell bottoms for pants
-Patterned shirts
-The preppy look was still in
-Suits were still popular
-Influenced by The Beatles, the movie “Easy Rider” (hippie style)
Drive-in movies
Playing many sports
Outside dining
Listening to music
Playing cards
YOUNG: sex, drugs,
rock 'n' roll

OLD: theaters, national parks, barbecues
Men's Hairstyles
-Usually slicked back or combed back (Rockabilly style)
-Crew cuts were still popular
-Most had a side part
Women's Hairstyles
-Wearing the hair long and natural became acceptable in the late '60's
-The beehive & bouffant was popular
-Geometric and asymmetrical hair cuts
-Wigs and hair pieces worn with headbands or headscarfs
-African American women started to wear their natural hair, in Afros
Women's Hairstyles
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