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No description

Dina Rawach

on 22 April 2017

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Transcript of SAFETY 101

Compound miter saw
Jointer SAFETY
- Goggles must be worn
- Long hair tied back
- Remove jewelry
- Keep fingers clear of the blade
- Use a push pad
- Joint with a cup down
- Keep wood against fence
- Ensure power is off and blade has stopped moving before leaving the machine
Table saw
Thickness planer SAFETY
- Put goggles on
- Keep hair tied back
- Remove jewelry
- Make sure to measure properly
- Make sure it is long enough so it doesn't get stuck in the machine.

Compound miter saw SAFETY
- Keep your hands away from the red lines
- Goggles must be worn
- Keep long hair tied back with an elastic
- Keep piece of wood
- Remove or secure loose clothing
- No jewelry
- No earbuds
- Keep fingers clear of blade and outside the red warning areas
- Inform teacher if machine stops working
Table saw SAFETY
- Keep goggles on
- Tie long hair back
- Remove jewelry
- Make sure blade has stopped and machine is off before making adjustments
- Make sure guard is properly set before using
- Use the right push stick for every cut

Thickness planer
Thank you!!!
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