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Fruit, Fruit, and More FRUIT!!

This is educational to peeps. It's a bit of a joke to see too.

Watermelly Jam

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Fruit, Fruit, and More FRUIT!!

Fruit, Fruit, and More FRUIT!!
OK, Let's do This
The Background is lame. I know that. But for now ignore it and enjoy my Prezi. Hope Ya Like It!
(Your Mom would be PROUD)
Fruit (A.K.A Fruit)
This Prezi Is About Fruit, as You might Have Guessed. Fruit is very (VERY) good for your body. I know a few who hate Fruits, but Hey, GET OVER THE POINT OF EATING IT! seriously people get used to it.
( I sure Had to.....)
One of the fruits I used to hate were oranges. They are soooooooo 'fruity' to eat, so to speak. The good thing about oranges are that they...
I love WATERMELON! They are probably my favorite fruit. They are so... how do you put it? 'Fruity' 'Juicy' Whatever, something positive would work. (I GueSs.....) =)
"An Apple a day keeps the dentist away." Well Screw THAT. I personally think that's impossible. You still have to go to the dentist, No matter how many apples you eat. If it's Tomorrow, well.. sucks to be you. =0 And your teeth will look like this eventually anyway...
...are High in Vitamin C.
Here's A picture of one. Or a Few.
Happy to see the cliffs? The previous picture was cool huh? (LOL) Sorry about that, it was funny to see the reaction to people when they see it. Now where were we.. oh, I know, ON THE EDGE OF A CLIFF!(taking a deep breath) Here is a picture you might like to see..... (here we go...) ...
I hate One Direction by the way, Please comment if you do.
'Fruity Stuff'
Time to bounce off the page....
Lets get back to the fruit stuff shall we?
People, peOple, don't be frightened by,
Last but Not Least, The Mango.
My second favorite fruit is the Mango. (dun dun dunnnnn) To show off, here is a few facts about it.....
The Banana
Its just a creepy banana. Don't CRY.
- They are sweet
- Mangoes are delicious ( in my opinion)
- It grows naturally in South Asia
This takes us to the .......................
The End Of Time Itself! (Or
the end of the prezi..)
Thanks For watching this, hope ya enjoyed it!
Please Comment! Thank You In Advance!
People bug me to put this here, so don't ask me any questions why I put this here.
...This isn't lame.
Cool, Huh?
The End
Remember This!
Take note.
Fruit is cool, just get used to it and you will be fined, er, I meant fine. =)
Pineapples are good for you. They contain the vitamins you need. They also have a 'Zingy' taste.
This Has something to do with fruit, so don't leave this Video'. Please don't,
enjoy it.
I think you will recognize this .....
Hopefully .....
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